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Occurred : 5/14/2009 02:00 (Entered as : 05/14/09 2:00)
Reported: 5/22/2009 2:32:43 AM 02:32
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: Lemoore, CA
Shape: Other
Duration:10 min
A large single aircraft wing with six bright lights,running across it , headed right at us,then up and over us at last min.

My boy friend an I was going eastbound on 198 coming from I5 we were about 7to 10 miles from Lemoore naval base. I was driving. 198 is a straight road. There is empty fields on each side of 198, until you get to the naval base. As we were driving I saw what looked to be an aircraft flying only about 10 feet above the ground, going north to south across 198. I said, What is that look how low that plane is flying". My boyfriend said thats not a plane thats a helecopter.We were about a mile from it than. As we approuched its path which it seemed to be going back and forth on the same path it was in no way a plane or a helecopter. There is nothing on this earth known to man that can do what this craft didAs we approched it , it was in the field on the north bound side. It was already turned around and was headed back over 198 to the southbound side.I was driving so it was on my side. This thing was only a 100 ft from the ground .It had about six bright lights that ran straight across it. It was as long as a tractor, trailor. It turned right around on a dime when it made a turn it turned to the left. As we approched, the craft seemed to speed up. and was headed right for us. The lights in the front I saw start pointing downward right for us . We were so scared we thought this thing was gonna crash right into us. Right when it reached us I looked up the lights blinded us but looked up at it out my window and if i stuck my arm out the window i could of touched the bright lights on it as it went over us. thats how low this thing was. Right when I thought it was gonna crash into us the craft went up and over us then back down to the other side of the field.When the craft was about to go over our ford Ranger Truck, I looked up at it . It looked like one huge wing It was made of metal. silver in color.The lights were bright, but I could see the outline of the craft.the huge craft was very thin. The craft looked compleatly differant as we were comimg up on it , compared to what this thing looked lik! e from a side veiw. It was so unbelivable. This thing I know was messing with us . We saw this craft turn around an b line it right at us and speed up.We really thought we were dead. My boyfriend ducked just before it went over us. I was shaking for hours after that . The craft proceeded to the southbound side of 198 turned and repeated back and fourth about 3 more times before it ended up crossing 198 going north and dissapeared .I watched it cross 3 more times in my rear mirror. My boyfriend wanted to turn around but i told him forget you that thing almost just crashed into us. I know this wasnt any aircraft of ours this was huge, It houvered 10 feet from the ground it was fast and it could turn on a dime. We dont have anything like that. Also there is no piolot gonna fly across a highway that low coming at cars. That is against the law. The most unusual thing about it was as it went over us there was no sound also somthing that big would of blown me a bit for how close he came over me .There was no wind I drove steady.But No Sound . Please I wish someone will get ahold of me about our sighting. I need to talk to somone. cant stop thinking about that night.