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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/14/2009 21:45 (Entered as : 05/14/2009 21:45)
Reported: 5/14/2009 7:20:49 PM 19:20
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: Sligo, PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10 minutes
Rising amber light very slowly rises then gives way to blinking red lights before speeding away to the north sky.

I saw a light over a field in my backyard that I have never seen before. It was a bright amber light. The coloring resembled a bright light inside of a brown paper bag. The light seemed to be too far off of the ground to be a spot light or new cell tower. I grabbed a pair of 8X binoculars and went to the corner of my yard to take a better look. I could see a larger version of the amber light through the binoculars with hardly any detail but the light did not appear to be just glare. There seemed to be some type of object. As I watched, it was almost like the small halo that changed positions around the bottom of the object the way a spot light would. However there was no definitive beam of light.

As I continued to watch and tried to figure out of it was some type of balloon or helicopter, the object VERY slowly continued to rise and rise. I thought that the object may be some type of helicopter however I heard absolutely no noise.

Next I saw random parts of the field light up but I could not find the source of the light. This happened 3 times. I glanced from side to side as I saw the green grass light up.

Next The object began to move north and that is when I saw multiple blinking red lights under the object. The amber glow was dissipating at that point. There seemed to be 6 or so red lights in a triangle formation like bowling pins on the bottom of a single object. I tried to record the object with my cell phone but it wouldn't pick up the light, all it recorded was black.

As the object moved to north it picked up pace very fast. The object moved rapidly over a nearby farm from my vantage point with all the red lights visible. At this point there seemed to be a clear light on the front part of the object.

There was only approximately 1-2 minutes from when the object began moving north until it was out of my sight. As it moved on its course I could see another blinking lighted object that appeared to be further away than the initial object. The primary object moved directly past the 2nd object from my point of view. The second object appeared as a single blinking light of red, blue, and white. I could see the second object long after the first object was out of sight.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))