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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/30/2009 07:52 (Entered as : 03/30/09 7:52)
Reported: 4/3/2009 8:38:50 PM 20:38
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: Kernersville, NC
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:9 minutes
Daytime Object spotted on outskirts of Kernersville, North Carolina

Date: Monday March 30, 2009
Time: 7:52am
Weather: Clear Skies/47 degrees
Location: West of Kernersville

First Sighting While on the way to drop my son off at school, at approx 7:51am, I noticed a rather large Metallic object in the western sky about ½ mile ahead of us. Upon getting closer to the object, I was able to see the object in greater detail. The object was around 600 to 700ft. high and was hovering at the time. It was now 7:52am. The object was about 100 to 150ft in Length and appeared to be about 40ft in Width. The object was rectangular in shape and had 2 black colored areas on both sides of it that were about 5 to 7 ft long. In the middle of the object, I could see a long opening/slit than span between the black sides. Right above the opening/slit, there was a Pulsating Amber Colored Light. I observed the object until approx. 7:55 and it appeared to just be hovering over an open area to the west of us. While rounding a curve, I lost sight of the object as it went behind some trees.

Second Sighting At approx. 7:57am I was able to regain site of the object and it was now moving more in a WNW direction. Then, all of a sudden, it began to bank/turn towards the North and this is when I could see just how massive the object was. At this time, the Amber Colored Light on the rear of it was no longer Pulsating, it was a Solid Amber Light. While the object continued to bank to the right, I was able to see the top of it. The Top of the object was Metallic in color in the rear and front sections The rear of the top section was rectangular and had a pattern on it that resembled mosaic tiles. The middle of the top section was completely round and Metallic looking with Dark Grey Lines covering the entire circle. The front of the top section was also rectangular in shape and had a mosaic looking pattern on it as well. I noticed a Triangle shape on the very tip of the front of the object and it had what appeared to be a metal pipe that was angled toward the ground. The object remained at least a ½ to ¼ mile from us the entire time.

Shocking Ending just before losing sight of Object The time now is somewhere between 7:59 and 8:00am. The object has completed its turn and all of a sudden, the object splits into 3 Orb shaped objects and appears to be attempting to fly in formation similar to how jets would fly. All 3 objects are black in color and have some how reduced in size. Although now split into 3, the object in the front of the formation still has the triangular shape on the tip of it along with what appeared to be a metal looking pipe pointing toward the ground. I was only able to keep my eye on the object for about 45 seconds due to traffic in the area around the school.