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Occurred : 3/25/2009 22:00 (Entered as : 03/25/09 22:00)
Reported: 3/26/2009 12:04:56 AM 00:04
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: Marina, CA
Shape: Flash
Duration:15 min.
Look like two jets chasing two other things and extra help came along to help in the chase.

In Marina, Ca. tonight at about 9:45pm most of the city lights whent out.

I gone out side to get my flash light out of my truck and noticed that the skys were very clear and off to the south east shys i was whatching 3 ( Jets )? in a triangle formation headed west traveling to the north-west area at a high rate of speed.the jets? lights were flashing red/blue/white colors the two jets? were side by side and that the third one was up front about 3 time the langht of the two Jets? wigth.

What was even strange is that the 3 Jets? turn around and whent south then there were 4 Jets? the fourth one was up with the front jet. it was some fancy turns chasing the front two. All 4 items where around the monterey air port area then again they turn around headed back north in this weard chasing action and one of the front jet turn in a odd ( go around type ) then it was gone in a flash. the other three Jets. keep on going nouth. Around 10pm then there was two more Jets comming from the south going north and about 10:10pm another jet came from the east side going in the same direction. This was VERY weard for this area. The big dipper to the smaller one in the skys where faceing from my view was south to west at about 1 a clock angle. Trided to film it but dont think its going to show anything but me talking...WOW!