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Occurred : 9/1/2001 19:00 (Entered as : Sept. 2001 19:00)
Reported: 2/19/2009 12:41:48 AM 00:41
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Gig Harbor, WA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:2 min
blue silicon craft - cigar shape - est. size length of football field - white light radiating from mid point in length of craft

Sept 2001- Mid evening(7pm ish) Gig Harbor, WA., while still light: Sitting on the grass reading, I looked up into the sky - straight above me very close (where you would see a distant bird, plane or clouds) there it was (the craft) holding still for about 1 min right above me. I know it was a craft only because of the way it left. At first it was still - straight above me - and VERY clear the entire time. The size had to have been longer than a football field (I know this because I could judge its length as it was really very close. Now let me say - it was beautiful - the colors did not seem of this earth - it was long rectangular with a very bright diamond white light in the very center - I'm only going to say "cigar shaped" because it was proportionate to a cigar in width and length, but its end corners were most unique - They were more perfect than a computer could draw out (how is that possible). The material seemed to be like a silicon - it was not a metal - it was blue but darker than the sky and I say silicon material because of what the edges looked like, especially the corners - how the blue color defined itself. It was not only too perfect of a shape for this world but the white shining light was like a diamond in its radiance, but not in its color - it was a solid white light, but not a light or sun white -like we see in any of our earth lights - not even our stars are this color white. Also, it was not blinding, but had a magnificent radiance.

I was sitting alone, but knew there was a couple about 10 yards to my side. After about a full minute or more of me staring straight up - amazed and testing my eyes and sanity (am I awake?, here?, etc)- the craft started to move perfectly forward very slowly - as if it was a submarine (one of its ends leading). It moved in a straight line in north-east direction. At this time, I knew it was possibly leaving and so I moved slowly to the couple sitting close to me. I continued to keep my eyes on the craft while I moved - nearly stumbled on the couple close by and pointed up - just saying "Look". One of the people (female) looked up and said "Oh wow!" At just that moment the craft started moving faster (and I mean faster) it shot north, but (bing, bing) with two angles. Our crafts can't do that right? long shape disappeared very soon after it shot north - The light remained very very very bright for a longh time (at least a thirty seconds or more) - until it finally got smaller and smaller and disappeared.

Only one person who I went to - to look up -actually saw the long body of the craft, the other person looked up too late and only saw the white light as it bing binged away into the northern sky. The person who saw the craft with me acted very calm - thought it was amazing, but said she had many amazing experience of the sort. She started saying, "Have you seen...I've seen....". I had never seen anything that was so clear, and so not of this world. I went inside and drew it immediately. Even if I had not drawn exactly what I saw - my memory is crystal clear. And the other witness, I am only happy for her that never in my mind will I ever question if it was an illusion of some sort. It was very material, and very visible. It never made one sound and it did not leave a trail.

I am writing you to ask you if you have any photographs or video of what I saw. I can not find anything on internet - except distant videos and photos of long rod shaped craft things - but with no light in the middle and they don't look as large as what I saw. I have been looking. I want to have a real picture of this magnificent craft. I want to show my husband -whose been hearing about it for years and has seen my drawing - I want to show him a photo if you have one. I'm thinking that I can not have been the only person who has seen this craft - it was not small - and it was still light in the skies. I heard on coast to coast - that - in the same month/year - in the state of Washington also - "balls of light" were seen. The short descriptions I heard were that the balls of light were small though.

I will email you a jpeg photo of my drawing.

Thank you. Also - I heard you on Coast to Coast a few nights ago - tried to call in and tell you of my craft. Your advice to all of us listening was to file a report on your website - so here it is.

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))