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Occurred : 2/12/2009 14:35 (Entered as : 02/12/09 14:35)
Reported: 2/17/2009 7:37:22 AM 07:37
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Atlanta, GA
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 minute or less
I was driving home Feb 12th 2009 at around 14:35 (2:35PM) EST. While North on I-85 I noticed a craft in the sky. The best way that I can describe the craft is…if you hold out a coke bottle at arms length…that’s about the size it was. It was gray in color and did not move. I went to grab my phone to snap a picture of the craft. When I got my phone and looked back up it was still there. I drove under a sign that hangs over the interstate, once past this sign the object was gone. Never did see it again.

The weather was perfect. No clouds in the sky, bright sunny day. Air temp around 60 degrees.