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Occurred : 8/20/2006 23:00 (Entered as : 08/20/06 23:00)
Reported: 2/13/2009 11:53:19 PM 23:53
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Hamlin, NY
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5-10 seconds
alien Being sighted in Hamlin, NY

I was walking home from a friends house in Huntington Park in Hamlin, NY. On my way home i saw something running in zig-zags from one side of the road to the other at unhuman speeds. After that it was gone, the next year in school in my photo class me and my friend got to talking about aliens and such and he told me a pretty terrifying story. Well he used to live in Huntington Park and there are fields throughout the park where there are playgrounds and such. Him and one of his friends saw lights flashing in the sky and heard a siren sounds(similar to police). They were shooting fireworks towards the lights in the sky, all of a sudden they look up and saw this thing standing about 60 yards or so from where they were. He said it had long straggly hair, long fingers, and long arms. All of a sudden it started running towards them with it's arms going in a circular motion and ran the 60 yards in about 3 secs. As soon as they saw it start running they ran into my friends house locked the front door(doorknob and padlock)and their garage where the main door was connected to. They then ran into his bedroom but forgot to shut the door, they were scarred to death, they then argued to who was going to shut the bedroom door he lost and got up to shut it. He then heard all the locks coming undone extremely fast, then the door opened heard it walk into the house. Then heard something glass breaking, and heard the door slam. He shut the door and they stayed awake all night. In the morning his mom asked him why was there a broken bowl in the kitchen, he told her it wasn't them but didn't bother telling her the story because she wouldn't have believed them. After he told me this story i was like no way and told him my experience and we came to the conclusion it was the same type of being running at the extreme speeds that no human would be capable of. if you've had ne thing similar contact me Rbreeze001 @ student . monroecc . edu without the spaces between @ and .