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Occurred : 1/28/2009 22:00 (Entered as : 01/28/09 22:00)
Reported: 1/28/2009 8:15:45 PM 20:15
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Appling, GA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 minutes
Two triangular objects just above the tree line.

This just happen!

My son & I walked outside from our house & instantly noticed two bright white light formations just above the tree line to the east of our home. My son went to the garage bonus room & brought out his girlfriend to witness what we were seeing. The objects were clearly triangular in shape, made no noise at all, & no movement. I walked inside to retrive my cell phone as to take a picture in which I did but they look like faint white lights at best.

I called my daughter whom was upstairs yet before she could make it out side we watched these objects rise about a 1/2 mile straight up & then shoot of to the right at a speed that I can only explain as immpossible. What was this?