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Occurred : 1/1/2001 18:00 (Entered as : 01012001 18:00)
Reported: 1/23/2009 10:48:18 AM 10:48
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Oceanside, CA
Shape: Light
First off, I apologize for the length of the "report" however, it took quite sometime for me to actually be interested enough to find out where/how to make a report. Mainly, I have heard many stories in my life of ghosts and UFO's. I'm not one to believe everything I hear. Until recently, that's been my view. So, skeptic?, absolutely, believer?, still working on that one.

Here is my past, I've been in the Marine Corps for nine years and 8 months. I am an operator of a type of Amphibious Assault Vehicle. Google: AAV for more information. Deployed to the Asias, Iraq and several Floats (stationed aboard Navy Ships). During these times, I have literally flown in every single type of helicopter that can carry a human being, CH (Cargo Helicopter). Due to my type of "Job", I have come into contact with most AH (Attack Helicopter)types. Reason why I'm saying this is, I know how they sound. It's kind of a show-off technique that I can name most Helo's by the sounds of their rotors. Each one, each type, each speed approximately can be relatively determined by the the sound of the rotors and how many rotors they have. I can also fairly judge the distance and estimate where and abouts their "buddy" is, since no single helo can fly alone, there is always a buddy located nearby.

Also, I know what loud vehicles sound like, sounds can identify many things without seeing them. My times in Iraq fine-tuned my ability to identify sounds, especially while on patrol. All this being said, here is my account of what I have seen and heard of through my military career.

During MCT (Marine Combat Training), approximately 15101999 0200, we experienced an earthquake. My instructor was livid in the morning, his truck which he had parked off the side of the road was rattled off the cliff. Yes, a cliff. You can imagine the pain we experienced that morning, he was quite mad. Later on that evening, the instructors were commenting on the report given by the firewatch during that time. Apparently, a helo came hovering by at a rapid speed. When asked how fast, "it was fast" was given the answer. Now consider, the Marine was probably 18 and never exposed to such things until then. So "fast" in Marine terms: It was flying at ridiculous speed. I know, I was young once too and would have said the same thing. Also, he said it made weird sounds and was close enough he could have thrown a rock at it before it dipped into the valley. Camp pendleton has numerous valley and hills.

Later that day, when asked, no one felt the earthquake and still, no one has really been able to explain how the instructors truck was pushed off a cliff sideways, when nothing else moved nearby. I would think that if a truck could be rattled and shaken enough to move it sideways, things around us, such as ourselves since we slept on isomats on the ground would have moved also. I think I would have awoken when I felt another man pressed up against me! At the time and still to this day, it's a funny as hell story. Looking back though, it's always intrigued me just how...odd it really sounds.

Next account, jets don't fly over pendleton unless it's when the President or another very high staff member comes to pendleton. Due to the runways limited size here, it's a helicopter Air Wing, few planes land on the runway. Mainly small jet type passenger planes. So, when something flies over your car, on Basilone road, at the speed of a jet, you take notice. Especially when it's about a hundred feet over your car. Basilone road is a road that cuts through base from I-5 to vandergrift rd. A very long and lonely stretch of road at 2 am in the morning. That's what time I was Designated Driver to 2 friends coming back from the bar. This was around Christmas time the same year as the one account prior to this one, 1999.

Next account, a close friend borrowed my car to go see his girlfriend in San Clemente. The drive from Oceanside to San Clemente is about 20-25 minutes on the I-5. When he came back that night to give me my keys, he said the strangest thing happened, a bright green ball of light flew along the coast, up and over the car, then headed back over to the coast, the entire time heading in a northerly direction. He said it flew way faster than a helicopter and when it was about 1000 meters off to the side and in front of him, the thing just "took off". Faster than he had ever seen anything go. His girlfriend, now wife, said exactly the same thing and she was "totally freaked out". On a side note, the stretch of highway has few lights where this happened. What lights there are, do not reflect green off your windows. That was my first assumption until driving down the same highway several times over the years, at different times, and I have NEVER seen any type of green light reflection. Only yellow or white.

In Okinawa, Camp Schwab, I was snorkeling with several friends at Naha island, about 1000 meters from shore. I'm sure Naha Island is not the actual name, just our name for it. Naha means south. There is an area on this island where it's covered and is quite cozy and perfect to have a sort of camp fire party. In other words, it's canopied and we could have a fire and get very, very drunk without anyone seeing us or caring to swim out there to investigate.

Around midnight, some of us went to the closest cliff to "relieve ourselves". The cliff faced away from base. While, doing this, one of my buddies who was apparently gazing up at the stars in a slight stupor, pointed out, "Holy shit man, you see that?" Yes, that is exactly what he said, still funny to this day. We all looked up and about 2000-4000 meters above us, It's sort of hard to judge distance slightly intoxicated, there were three lights spinning but not was like they were rotating about 45 degrees and back again but 75 degrees that time. Thinking about it now, I don't think it was rotating as in parallel to the ground but was an illusion. I think now that it was more or less tilting in different directions. What ever it was, if the lights were separate craft, I have never seen helo's do that in such perfect unison. Odd thing was, it didn't just "shoot off", it moved slowly away from base, over the ocean until it was gone.

Next account, flying back from Okinawa a few years later, around 2003, I looked out the window of the plane and saw several objects off to our left moving the opposite direction of us. Probably around a mile. Could have been planes. They had to have been larger than C-130's and were definitely not passenger planes, unless they fly escort for one another. Reason why I know they weren't C-130's, they were large. Huge would be a better adjective. While in Iraq, I did see a Hercules plane. That was about how big those craft were. Could have been that but still, I'm pretty sure I would have been able to see the shape of the wings. Those planes are massive. Either way, I thought I would include this one since it is a iffy situation.

Next account, Al Anbar Province, Iraq. I was on a night raid in a village in Bubaydah. I'm sure that spelling is incorrect. I was in the turrent of a Humvee. My LtCol asked me what the hell are those Helo's doing here. This was a very important operation, Helo's do not fly close to a "snatch and grab" for obvious reasons. My captain got on the hook and radio'ed whoever it is they radio to find out who and why someone was compromising our mission. Radio reply was they didn't know but be advised, jets are inbound. Bebeydah is very very close to the Syrian border, cause for alarm was very just. I was watching the light for about 5-10 minutes. During that specific time, it just sort of moved around, like it was searching for something. It was about 5 miles distant, 1000 meters altitude. It was bobbing and weaving. Acting much the way a Helo would during a sweep mission. Then I noticed, where is his buddy? If it was a Cobra, a Huey would be flying at a higher altitude and a little distance. If it was a "Huey, then the cobra should have been able to be seen around it. Cobras are difficult to see unless their light is facing you and at that distance, it would have to face us for us to see it. It could have been there. That's what I was thinking. When the jets arrived, thankfully not over the city, they closed in on the Helo. I swear to this day, I saw them shoot rockets at it. I saw four contrails following the glow of four rockets headed straight for it. I know what rockets look like at night, you can see the smoke through the burn of the rocket, it lights it up, hard to explain typing but, I know what a rocket looks like. When those rockets got close to the Helo, they just lost power and fell. Still moving forward, I'm sure of that, inertia and all but, it was the craziest thing I have ever seen, the burners just stopped, when that happens, usually an explosion can be seen, not this time. They just winked out. When this happened they were about 3 miles away. The Helo, and I'm calling it that because, it could! have be en at this point, started chasing one of the jets. Not really chasing it because it would fly in front of it, behind and then under it. I then realized, this wasn't a helo. Helo's don't fly as fast as a jet, especially maneuvering like that. Common sense does replace rationality eventually. After about 3 minutes of this "taunting" it flew off. Simple as that, no explosions, only sound was the jets. Eventually, they took off back to where they came from. This occured in 2006.

So, that's my experiences. I have heard of many many more. Specifically the lights that follow you and pass you on the I-5 going to LA. I've heard probably 10-20 accounts of that. As I said, I'm a skeptic. Not really one to accept an explanation without hard facts but, I also know, if the facts don't add up, then how do you explain it? I've seen some odd things and usually at the time, I blow it off. The incident in Iraq pretty much made me reassess those situations that I kind of didn't really care about the first time. Thinking back, I should have looked a little closer and took notes a little better. So, I think you should possibly check into sightings over Camp Pendleton, especially along the coast. On another side note, my fiance was telling me about how she saw a craft rise out of the ocean from her house. She on the other hand, fully believes in greys, white's or blues, whatever color they are referred to as. She is a conspirasist to the utmost degree. Needless to say, I really don't take her seriously, but, she apparently has seen some things while living in Carlsbad that she explains as UFO's. She also said something about Illinois but I hate to say, I kind of tune her out after awhile.

Thank you for reading this and I hope it somewhat helps you out.

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))