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Occurred : 12/29/2008 18:40 (Entered as : 12/29/08)
Reported: 12/30/2008 10:28:16 PM 22:28
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Northport, NY
Shape: Light
Duration:about one hour
Unexplainable bright light in the sky in Long Island Ny.

On the night of December 29th 2008 around 6:40 pm my boyfriend and I noticed 4 to 5 extremely bright lights in the sky during a drive to our friends home. The sighting originally took place as we were driving down Ocean Avenue in Northport,Suffolk County Long Island. Whenever we drive down that road, which is practically every night, I always look out at the view because it overlooks the water and is very scenic and beautiful. I was startled immediately by it because it was very unusual and there isn't a huge amount of plane traffic especially in that area. It appeared to be very very bright shining lights in the sky. I was unsure at first whether or not they were some kind of man made lights on some kind of building because of how bright they are but I know the location and there are only residential homes in the area beneath the road by the water and the lights were clearly not a part of anything. I pointed them out to my fiance who was driving and he couldn't tell what they were either. It did not look as if they were in any precise formation. They all seemed very close up, way to big and bright to be stars and definitely not planes. They seemed to hover or stay in one place. They were at all different heights in the sky, some lower some higher but in the immediate vicinity of one another. As we continued to drive I could continue to see one in the sky. We drove from Ocean Avenue to 25A and when we stopped at a light at the corner of Waterside and 25A there was that one huge bright light still visible in the sky. I frequently look up at the night sky and admire the stars and watch planes, it is something that has always stunned me. This was definitely NOT a plane. In fact there seemed to be quite a few planes in the sky which added to my suspicion that it was something unexplainable. Seeing the light in comparison to the planes really showed me how distinctly different it was. When we stopped at the light I wanted to make sure it wasn't moving, that it was hovering or stationary. I wa! tched it for about 30 seconds between two tree branches to see if it was moving even slightly. It seemed to stay in place perfectly and maybe move very very slightly to either side. It was shining like nothing I have ever seen in the sky almost like it was a light that was rotating or oscillating. I then called my sister and parents who live right up the road in Fort Salonga. They kept asking me to take a picture of it but whenever I would try to with my cellphone the quality was so poor that it did not look like anything significant. I was able to take a video of it on my phone but again it looked barely visible and it was very frustrating. As we continued to drive I lost sight of it but then it was visible again when we were driving down the Sunken Meadow state parkway. We pulled into our friends neighborhood in Commack Ny and the one bright light was STILL visible outside of his home. We told him to take a look at it and he said that he has noticed it before but couldn't tell us what it was. When we went inside I could see it through his bedroom window and I noticed an extremely low flying plane in the sky while we were looking at it. ( Maybe trying to also see what it was?). I did not look out the window for about 15 minutes or so because my fiance was having a panic attack or feeling really anxious for no apparent reason. When I looked out again it was totally absent from the night sky. My mother called my Grandmother who lives in Ridge Ny which is about 20-30 miles East of where we were and she also spotted it in the sky. The whole experience/sighting lasted about an hour and it was visible from a pretty impressive radius throughout Long Island. There are six witnesses I know of who have seen this particular light in the sky. I wanted to report this to see if possibly anyone else had noticed anything bizarre or strange. I have a very poor quality video of it on my cell phone but it is not distinctive and it looks so small on tape when it was so massive in real life. I am guessing this is due to the quality! of the lens and camera on the phone. I wish I could have gotten better recorded proof but 6 people throughout four different towns saw it so I am at least glad I wasn't alone in seeing it. It did not seem to be descending or moving around at all. When I originally saw the 4 to 5 other lights I lost track of them behind the trees and only the one light was visible the duration of the sighting. My fiance does suffer from anxiety but we were fine the entire way there and I thought maybe there could be a correlation between him feeling that way and what was in the sky. We had no car troubles and I only saw a white light. My mother claims that while she was watching it it was changing colors but I did not notice that. Since there were more than one maybe it is possible that she was looking at something different than I was. She said she thought it could maybe be a star dying but that wouldn't explain how many I originally saw and the light was so bright.