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Occurred : 12/4/2008 14:00 (Entered as : 12/04/2008 14:00)
Reported: 12/13/2008 7:56:08 PM 19:56
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Norcross, GA
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:2-3 minutes
50 x 100 ft. rectangular flat object moving east to west in Norcross, Ga,. at 2 pm on Dec. 4, 2008

On approximately Dec. 4, 2008 I was traveling south on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. in Norcross, Ga. I was between Spalding Rd. and Holcomb Bridge Rd around 2 pm. I saw a large rectangular object about 50 x 100 ft. in length and width but no discernible thickness and was maybe 2-300 ft. in the air. It was difficult to determine its speed (since I am not familiar with the speeds of flying objects) but I would guess around 100 mph. The object was very white in color. It was traveling East to West and would have been somewhere above Peachtree Corners Circle (maybe a little further North of that). I watched it for approximately 2-3 minutes before it disappeared behind some trees that blocked my line of sight. As I moved further South on the road I kept looking for it but I never saw the object again.

This was not the 1st time I believe to have seen a UFO. Around 1963-65 I was at the construction site of Durham Memorial Baptist Church on Freedom Drive in Charlotte N.C. Further West on Freedom Drive (maybe 2-3 miles) I saw a large cigar shaped object (definitely not a blimp) hovering in the air for 10-15 minutes. It was many feet above the ground, but at that distance it was impossible to tell how high. It was much, much longer than a blimp and had short stubby wings. It had an iridescent glow that varied in color - pink, blue, red, green - the colors were undulating (mixing, washing back and forth over the object). I was with several other people at the time but only remember one of them, my Father. He is 89 now and his mind is not what it used to be and does not remember the incident.