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Occurred : 12/7/2008 10:30 (Entered as : 12/7/08 10:30)
Reported: 12/8/2008 12:23:25 AM 00:23
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Ocala, FL
Shape: Changing
Duration:13 min

I live in Marion oaks, in Ocala Fl. It was a bright blue day not a cloud in the sky. I Was Talking To My Friend On The Phone Lying On My Bed. my bed is against the window running parallel with it. It was like 10:30 am Sunday morning December seventh 2008. I Happened To Look To My Right Out The Window which is west towards Dunnellon or the golf of Mexico. I Noticed Three Round White Circles That Were Stationary. It Looked Like They Were In A Triangle Formation. Kind of Like The Blue Angles in the air shows. At First My Mind Didn't Register What I Was Seeing. I Kind of Thought Are Those Stars In The Day Sky? They Were Stationary For About Another Three Or Four Seconds And Then All At Once They Started Pulsating. It Was Like They Were Mirrors Flashing and reflecting The Sun big and Bright And Then small dull White Circles again. It Seemed Like Every Time They Would Stop flashing Big And Bright They Would Shrink Or Implode On Themselves.

My Friends Daughter Who Is 13 Happened To Be Over At The Time. She Was On The Computer In The Living Room, So I Excitedly Screamed Come Here Quick, Quick, I Think I See A UFO!!! Well, She Didn't Run Fast Enough And When She Came To The Window They All Disappeared. I Got Really Mad At Her at first For Not Coming Fast Enough And Missing It. She Kind of Gave Me This Face Like ''whatever'', so I Told Her To Keep Looking Just In Case And All Of The Sudden They Reappeared. This Time They Got Huge, And Then really, really small again Pulsating And Weaving In And Out Of Each Other. It Was Kind of Like There Was An Imaginary Person Juggling Them In The Sky. I Couldn't Tell If They Were Changing Size because They Were Actually Changing Size, Or If They Just Were Getting Closer And Moving Further Away At High Speeds. Then They All Went Different erratic Directions But Continued To Pulsate. It was like they were playing a game of tag with one another. This lasted for about five or six minutes until they disappeared again.

I kept watching just in case. Well sure enough, two to three seconds later they came back but this time there were only two of them. They were a lot bigger and brighter this time and were flying erratically again. Like it was some kind of a game. There was also a commercial jet going north to south in they sky at the same time that was pretty close. The whole reason I even noticed the plane amongst all the chaos was I thought ''Man, I wonder if the people in the jet can see this also?'' It seemed two be so close to it. Well the craft that was closest to the plane seemed to wait stationary again until the plane passed it by like three or four inches in the sky. as soon as it got just enough away from the plane to build up momentum it shot straight across the sky back in the direction of the plane it let pass. faster then I have seen any other thing fly in my life, but comparable to a fast shooting star. I started screaming oh my god it's going to hit the back of the plane. Right when it was about to collide with the tail of the plane ''which it had no room for error because I couldn't really see the sky any more between either object.'' it went straight up at a perfect lateral angle, Excelerated so fast, and then both objects disappeared completely.

Know keep in mind I am still on the phone at this time my friend on the line who was almost deff from all the screaming, and the thirteen year old was historical and in tears. She keep screaming I want to go home know I want my mom know, know, know! I just keep saying I'm so glad I am not the only one who saw it! So I decided to call the local law enforcement being this thing almost hit a plane. But they had not much to say but "It could have been an air show being held today. My response was "is it a costume for a plane to chase down a commercial jet at an air show?" Especially after 911 right? I lived like not even a Quarter of a mile away from the Dunnellon air port and they fly trick planes all the time. I know they have strict regulations and air spaces. As close as I lived to the air port at the time they were not even allowed two do there tricks over my property. I also living in Florida have seen all kinds of planes, jets, helicopters army air craft of all sorts. again nothing has ever moved like that. Not that speed, not that shape, not that erratic. Not until today. All I can think is UFO. I hope this brings comfort to anyone who saw the same thing.