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Occurred : 11/28/2008 05:00 (Entered as : 11/28/08 5:00)
Reported: 12/1/2008 12:24:59 PM 12:24
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Miami, FL
Shape: Oval
Duration:30 seconds

Actually it was very funny and kind of scary at the same time: Miami Florida at 5 am on 11/28/2008 I was walking my dog around 5:00 am at my home located at Miami Florida when I noticed thru the distance a set of strobe bright and colorful lights changing in sequence from the blue red and yellow colors, those lights were coming torch me at quit low altitude similar to a normal airliners approaching for landing.

At the beginning it made me think that it was a chopper from the local news stations and since I live very close to the Miami international airport near to one of the landing runways paths it was seen pretty normal to me that an aircraft were low flying around the area.

I am very familiar with the direction and altitudes of the approaching airliners but this one came on a very odd approaching from south to north instead of the normal west to east trajectory as I seen them all the times.

Since my home is located parallel to the palmetto express way on the 79th avenue and 52 street I thought that this weird flying trajectory aircraft was following the palmetto express way from south to north as some chopper news does sometimes.

At the beginning I thought it was a jetliner but seconds later change my mind because the jetliners have a set of headlights or approaching lights at the front and also in the wings but this one does not have any of them only the very bright colorful lights blinking on a sequence like the police troopers cars.

I was about to resume me daily routine of walking my dog when I noticed that my dog became a little bit nervous which is something not normal for her and I decides to wait until she decides to resume her sneezing of the grass as she usually does but instead she begin to look up to the approaching aircraft at this time very close to me over my head.

I was the moment when I noticed that the approaching craft does not have sound as a jetliners or a chopper will have but it flies silently until it passed overhead and I began to hear the sound of a jet engine passing over me but the sound does not really sound as a normal jet engine but more sound like if the sound came from a laud speaker or something producing the sound from the rear of the aircraft which make me look up and noticed that weird shape of this aircraft more like a oval wing with a black hole or opening on the center from where I guess the sound of the jet engine are being produced.

The jet sound was very odd and sound more like it was played on a device to create the sound of the engine without being a real one or like if the aircraft or forever it was trying to camouflage itself by making people think that it was a real aircraft and not something else as it looks.

At the front the oval flying thing only has the set of blinking lights but in the rear of the aircraft it has a two sets of yellow and clear lights and a huge vertical windows probably about 10 to 12 feet tall for 6 feet wide and those were about five or six of them all together.

The windows run from side to side and the strobe lights were on set below the windows and one set above and here comes the weirdest vision which was the few figures of some kind of small and skinny people walking along side the windows more like if they were doing some kind of work because they were not looking out thru the windows but just more casual walking inside the aircraft.

At this point my dog was very scared and she was trying to release herself from the leash and run away making obvious that she was very afraid for something. The figures or entities inside the aircraft were about 3 or perhaps 4 but nor more than 4 and the jet sound came from the aircraft was not making any air waves of any kind as a normal jetliners does I could compare them because just a few seconds after this craft has gone a jetliner approaches my area and I could notice and compare the differences between the previous sight into the regular and normal jetliner.

After few seconds of this sight the aircraft disappeared over the near by buildings leaving me kind of shaking due to this one of the kind experience even thought my dog does not known what was it she acts weird before and during the sight and only became a normal dog after the flying thing disappeared thru the distance.

At the front I did not noticed anything odd at all beside the strobe lights since I begin to noticed that it was something not normal only after the aircraft was almost flying over my head.

Hope someone could explain to me what was it of perhaps someone has see something similar before.