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Occurred : 11/23/2008 01:13 (Entered as : 23/11/08 1:13)
Reported: 11/23/2008 9:33:38 AM 09:33
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Thornton-Cleveleys (UK/England),
Shape: Changing
Duration:12 mins
YOU MUST READ THIS!!!!!!! This could not of been 5 planes they were far too close to each other........

Last night my husband and I came home from the garage, we were getting out the car, when my husband said what is that, I said what, he replied look up there, As I looked up there were 2 strange shapes, on seeing this I ran inside grabbed the binoculars and shouted my daughter to come and see, we were all stood on the front watching and taking photo's, the shapes were extremely bright and looked like stars, that were very orange in colour, only they were most definately far to big, they all came over from the same direction and moved over the houses towards ourselves, then one stopped quite close, almost hovering above a friends house, with this my daughter and myself run up the road to get more pictures, on doing this we noticed that they didnt all appear as the same shape. Though they all had an orange glow, they also had a dark casted circular appearance around the outside of the shape.........

As we zoomed in to see them, one looked more of an egg shape where as another seemed more of a boomerang shape as daft as it sounds, we were zooming in when all of a sudden the light just disappeared, so we ran a little further up the road in order to get closer to the next one as we stood there my daughter spotted another was moving towards us from the far left at the end of the street, at this point we couldnt beleive what we were seeing, having no explanation for this we were obviously quite excited, then another appeared.......

They all seemed to be following the others ones previous path, they would get so far up the street, only then they stopped and seemed to turn back and upwards a little,before they stopped again, this could not of been planes of that we are all very sure as they werent that far apart from each other and it was like they were hovering in motion, it was a very calm night, yet there was no engine noise or even propeller sounds, no humming etc in fact nothing at all, seriously it was very silent, the air was echoey, yet to look at they seemed so close, they were very bright to look at beautiful even, until eventually one by one the lights just dissapeared as you would expect if a light was simply switched straight off.....

Now on saying that 3 of them actually appeared to be pulsing lights at one point so im not sure if the others did the same before hand, during this time there were also neighbours that had come out onto the street because of all the fuss to see what on earth we were doing only when we pointed it out they were bewilderedand also stopped dead in there tracks, they stood with us watching and taking pictures, one even climbed up onto a wall to get a better look, everyone was very loud and excited by what they saw because it was so unexpected, I mean you hear about it but as the saying goes, you never expect it to happen to you!!!! I swear to you all now this is the truth with not a word of deception, none of us have any explanation for what we saw and even after there dissapearence we sat in the freezing cold on the wall just waiting to see if anything else happened, though to our dissapoinment it never did, we have all discussed it and firmly beleive between us, that they had to be a type of U.F.O, as none of us have encountered anything even remarkably similar ever and we are all of different ages ranging between 18-50, we would like an explanation if possible but on saying that it has left us all even my very sceptical husband beleiving that aliens or another life form of some type definately does exist for sure...We will be keeping a close watch from now on!!!!