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Occurred : 11/10/2008 21:45 (Entered as : 11/10/08 21:45)
Reported: 11/10/2008 10:59:03 PM 22:59
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Mission Viejo, CA
Shape: Other
THREE craft entered atmosphere, one hovered over small ballpark stadium, one darted in an out, and one flew near Orion's Belt.

My Microsoft Word is expired so I pray this is read by someone in charge. Watched 3 real UFO craft enter above Orion's Belt in a streak of white but it stopped its streak. One shot straight for the small stadium and no steak was emitted, stopped just short of the main lights to the stadium and hovered around the stadium, wisping from side to side just outside the small stadium as if unhindered from Earth's gravity. The second seemed to dart in and away from the stadium. The 3rd was flying up at incredible speed and just stopped in mid-air. It turned in several degrees of turn I am not able to fathom. No manned or unmanned craft is capable of such of what I saw. An incredible sight I kid you not. The 3rd one showed its belly as it darted up and down in the air with no plausible way to decern how it was able to stop in mid air and go a different direction. I saw 7 (seven)bright blue and white rotating engines underneath as it flew vertically yet diagonally down for several hundred feet and then it stopped. This duration happened within about 1:30 to 2:00 minutes time. Captured a bit on my camera but not enough to give an accurate description. Sorry. I waved and hollered at the objects to get closer to me but I was not within audible range.

The belly of the craft as would be the belly of all three craft had 7 bright blue and white lights. The shape appearred to be hexigonal or octagonal. I could see their shapes as their engines made streaks of light in their turns. Phenominal. I'd say their weight could not be determined. The size, if they came face to face would have to be about 13 maybe 14 feet in diameter. No sound was emitted when they entered, hovered or left. They left because of a police helicopter was patrolling near the exact area which the 3 craft were hovering as the police helicopter was approaching slowly as it neared the one near the stadium... all three disappeared into the night sky. As if all were informed of the threat, the police helicoper, and shot out back into space. After they left, the police helicopter made a b-line to wherever they saw as well. The one I was watching, didn't change shape, none of them changed shape, they clearly had a top and bottom to them. The top had a curvature to the front of the craft and all three were extremely versitile. Hope this is enough for further investigation. Remember. Police Helicopter saw them too. Very real, not a hoax or a stupid joke. Odd thou, when they stopped from time to time in flight, I heard no sound, no sound at all. No shockwave of any sort was audible. 10 years ago, saw a different craft hovering in the same position before the small stadium was built. Tomorrow I will investigate precisely where I saw one of them hover.