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Occurred : 11/2/2008 01:40 (Entered as : 11/2/2008 1:40)
Reported: 11/2/2008 5:16:52 AM 05:16
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Port Hueneme, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:30 plus minutes
I witnessed two objects each comprised of five lights at the Port Hueneme Beach in CA.

This morning I decided to stop at the beach in Port Hueneme, CA to admire the ocean after leaving my boyfriend’s house. I arrived about 1:40 AM. I parked my car with the hood facing the pier with the tail end facing the Seabee military base directly behind me. I left my engine, headlight sand music on as I was only planning to stay for a minute or two. I put the car in park and stepped out of the vehicle. I stood up on the ledge of the driver’s side door to get a better view of the waves. I noticed what appeared to be a set of stadium lights facing the perimeter of the base over a fountain of water.

After a minute or so I noticed the lights shift their angle/position out of the corner of my eye. Shocked, I began to stare and then witnessed the lights move. The first object consisted of five white/yellow lights. There was no visible craft, just the lights. They moved together at times and separate at times. The lights were able to move over the water independently of each other and collectively as a group. They moved up, down, right, left, forward, backward--any way you could imagine. There was no sound and no disturbance of the sand or water. The lights remained completely static and motionless at times just hovering over the area and then were able to move slowly or quickly at varying speeds. The lights were low to the ground maybe 25 to 40 feet off of the surface.

I observed this for a minute or two and was so startled I jumped in the car and took out my cell phone to take pictures and record video evidence. I took a picture and then decided it would be best to record a video because it could capture the fluidity and motion of the objects. I turned off the car engine, lights and music. I kneeled on the driver seat and recorded the movement for twenty minutes out of the sunroof resting my arm on the roof to keep my hand as steady as possible.

During this time a second object appeared, which was lower than the first and considerably closer to the base. It was also comprised of the same five lights. It also displayed the same characteristics and motion. However, it moved much more than the first object. Suddenly, the first object disappeared completely and the second began to move toward my car. I dropped my phone and it slid shut erasing the video. I became concerned for my safety and started my engine, called my mother and drove away as quickly as possible.

No sooner than I started my car the first object reappeared and then both retreated farther away. Once on the phone with my mother, however, I became more curious and turned my car around in the direction of the lights to get a better view. Both objects moved much more quickly then they had before in the direction toward my car. I was so scared I stopped the car immediately in the middle of the road and turned around as quickly as possible and left the beach. I am left with only one crappy cell phone picture, but a picture nonetheless.

I saw no craft. Just two objects made up of five lights each, which could move collectively or independently of each other. The objects made no sound and were able to hover very low to the ground. Neither seemed to disturb the water or sand on the beach in any way. They illuminated the area. At one point one or two of the lights seemed brighter than the others on the first object, almost as if a light, beam or object was emitted. But I cannot be sure of this particular detail as it was quick and hard to clearly observe. I am unsure of whether or not it may have landed. It was very near to the water/sand, but I did not witness it do so personally.

They appeared on the perimeter of the military base! There had to have been military personnel on duty who also witnessed the lights whatever they had been. There are airplanes on the base none of which fit such a description to the best of my knowledge. I did at one point notice what appeared to be a regular airplane far off in the distance, but was unsure if it noticed the objects. There were three other cars parked nearby. I am unsure whether or not they were occupied. There are also a great deal of apartments and condos on the beach, in which other people may have noticed the lights.

I am a reliable, lucid, sober, sane witness. I am a recent college grad about to begin graduate studies. I have never believed UFO stories. I am open to a logical military explanation of what I saw, as it was outside the beach perimeter of the CBC base, but I have never witnessed or been aware of any man made object with such properties or capabilities personally. I watched the objects for about a half an hour myself. I am sure they may have been there before I arrived at the beach and remained after I left as well. They were still visible as I drove away to turn left back down Ventura Road. I am flabbergasted at what I just witnessed. I have no explanation and I am dumbfounded…