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Occurred : 11/1/2008 20:00 (Entered as : 11/01/08 20:00)
Reported: 11/1/2008 3:31:56 PM 15:31
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Hyvinkää (Finland),
Shape: Light
Duration:2 minutes
Unknown aircraft with red lights over the skies of Hyvinkää, Finland

Me and my big brother were having a barbecue on the big, open yard of his house. When standing in the middle of the yard, one can see almost from horizon to horizon. The weather was clear and the stars were shining in the dark night-sky. We observed many ordinary-like satellites and at least two shooting stars during the evening. I would consider me and my brother as two sane and perceptive young men. We had drunk a few cans of beer but we were not "drunk". This report is filed some 4 hours after the sighting and is written without the participation of my brother.

At approximately 2000 hrs (GMT + 2) I observed a moving, faint, red dot of light high in the sky in direction NNW. I told also my big brother to take a look at it. At first he said that he did not see it, but I used a bright star (Vega) as a static target to point the object to him. Now he also saw the light. The light was moving quietly in a straight line towards SSE maintaining a visible speed of an ordinary satellite or high-flying commercial aircraft and kept doing so during the entire sighting which lasted about 2 minutes.

At first I thought that the light was an ordinary satellite but it was red in color. Next I noticed another blinking red light in the absolute vicinity, on the right-hand side of the first light, moving into same direction with same speed. This observation made me think that it was an ordinary airplane we were witnessing and that the blinking red light was a wing-light or something. However, I estimated that the aircraft was flying at an altitude of at least 15000 meters because it seemed too distant to be an ordinary commercial aircraft yet too close to be an ordinary satellite. Moreover, no sound was heard from the aircraft during the entire sighting.

As the aircraft reached the southern part of the sky the first light started to change color from red into bright orange. Also the blinking red light could no longer be seen so there was only one light now. This orange light made me think of a tail-light of a low-flying aircraft that typically seems to change color as the aircraft passes by. The light kept traveling in straight line into direction SSE and it was still visible high above the southern horizon as we started paying attention to other things. The sighting had lasted about 2 minutes and, as said, no sound was heard from the aircraft during the entire sighting.

My big brother did not take the sighting very seriously. Also, he is no expert in astronomy and was of the opinion that the object we had just witnessed was flying outside our atmosphere. He even said that the object "had it's braking lights on" as it was red in color. I however have astronomy as my hobby and this sighting was someting that I've never seen before so I took it very seriously and that's why I decided to file this report.

My best guess is that it was some kind of sophisticated domestic or foreign aircraft flying from NNW to SSE high over the Finnish airspace.

I also see that there's a very similar sighting filed in your database from 10/25/2008 from location Cedar Rapids, IA, United States.