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Occurred : 10/12/1999 22:15 (Entered as : 10/12/1999 22:15)
Reported: 10/24/2008 4:14:40 PM 16:14
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Tulsa, OK
Shape: Other
Duration:30 seconds
It was maybe 500ft above me, no lights, traveling VERY slow, and completely silent.

I was 18 at the time, and a senior in high school. I was working at a mall in Tulsa, OK. I had just left work around 10pm to go over to my girlfriend’s house for a few hours. It was October 12, 1999, and Halloween was fast approaching. She had decided to go as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

When I arrived at her house, she was outside gluing glitter to a pair of red heels for her costume. I sat on her front steps with her while she did this. When she was done, I suggested that we lie in the driveway and look at the stars. It was relatively warm for that time of year, and the sky was as clear as can be.

We got up and moved to the driveway. As we lay there, looking at the stars and talking, I noticed something disturbing the night sky. It was moving VERY slowly, maybe 100MPH or less. The object was very low to the ground. My guess is between 500ft and 750ft, but no more than that. There were no lights, and no sound. I could make out the silhouette of the object against the distant light pollution and the stars in the background. It had a long fuselage with bulges to the side, kind of in the shape of lobes, where the cockpit might be, and at the back of the object. The bulges to the side were smaller in the front than in the rear. It had a slight glow behind it, though not like a jet. I asked her if she was seeing what I was seeing. She saw it as well. We watched as the object slowly and silently moved through the night sky until it was out of sight.

The fact that stood out to me was the complete lack of sound. As a child I frequented air shows. I was quite aware of the immense noise produced by a conventional engine, be it propeller or jet. I had seen an F-14 perform a fly by at 100MPH once. It was greatly pitched with a tremendous amount of thrust, and was loud enough to wake the dead. What we saw that night was lower, slower, and not pitched at all.

I don’t think it was alien spacecraft, but the technology was nothing known to exist to this day. A few weeks later I saw a show on TV about the “Aurora”, the top secret space plane. The supposed shape of the Aurora, according to the show, was nearly identical to what we had seen. My guess is that we may have witnessed a test flight of this plane. The only thing that keeps me from being sure of that is that there were no lights on it. I know the US puts lights on all aircraft, even test planes. We’ve seen this with the F-117. This Unidentified Flying Object is wholly worthy of the title. Not a flying saucer. Not cigar shaped. Not a light that moves at break-neck speed. It was just an unidentified, slow flying, silent object.