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Occurred : 9/28/2005 23:00 (Entered as : 09/28/05 23:00)
Reported: 9/28/2008 1:04:45 PM 13:04
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Bamfield (Canada), BC
Shape: Light
Duration:6 houres
We watched a light for 6 houres drag somthing off Diana Island and ride it out over the hurison.

It was september 28th 2005 a buddy (buddy1) had a house on bradys beach its a beach on the end of vancuver island that looks acrose to 3 other islands and toward japan over the herivon. The 3 of use were walking down the beach to the rock stacks when we noticed a tug boat was heading for the beach. We new it was a tug boat all three of us were raised in the area and we have studied the boats, lights and signals, this tug had its all around white light on aswell as its tow light so we thought. We were just making a comment on how the tug was heading for the beach when we saw its load start floating backwards. Naturly we all got excited and started sceeming on how to go salvige its load when it shot up in the air. The tug boat stratend out and took off, we dint even watch to see were the tug boat went we were all to captivated by this object sowrring throug the sky heading over the 3 islands ( from rite to left when looking at the islands from the beach Helby, Diana, Edward King). The it focused on diana island moving unaxplainabuly and making a wushing nosie like the sound you here when u put your ere agenst a fan. The object was like an L.D light from christmas trees white with a blueish tinge, at first the object looked huge, then seconds later we were watching move so fast through the island we could see it moving through out the trees an obgect like this had to have been really smalland abile to navagiat on a dime. As we watched we tryd are hardest to convince eachother what this object could be, we playd with the idea that it was a rescue helicopter looking for someone, or drug smoglers with some new technolagy but as we watched it move darting and dashing through out the trees it proved us wrong. It apeard to be looking for somthing or taking pictures of the island.

We dint know what to think we even tryd telling are selves we were having a mass halusination, so as it kept circuling the island, moving through the trees we all sat there watching it saying out lowd witch way it was moving. All together at the same time we were sayin "left, right, down, then WOW " , we figure that the object must have re-botted because as it was heading up its tail that it would leave as it moved got thincker and hit the grownd and a ball of light whent exploding from each direction. After that we dint speek for a good 40 mins just watching this light endlessly going through out diana island, then buddy2 says "if anything happends, if it ubducts me im going to bit off my tung", and that was the first moment i belived that this was an alian a ufo, somthing non human.

Just as i was excepting this, the white bluish lite shawn over the water, over the beach acrose the rocks and hit us we sat motionless i observide the shadows that this light left and they wernt really shadows i could see the sand i could see the opisit side of the rocks witch the light hit, they had a shade like a shadow but they werent shadows i dont know how to explain it.Then the light kept focusing on the island, it kept moving through the trees,we had been watching the light for about 3hourse when buddy1 desided to go get the bonculars so we all walk towards his house yet never took are eyes off the light, buddy2 and I sat down at the edge of the water as close to the object we could wile buddy1 came back with the bonuculas we observed the light through the bonuclas trying to keep up with its movmens, i could kind of make out a roundish figure,but the light it was preducing was more intresting it almost seemed like it was doing tight circuls underneath the object going into it, like the light was coming out of thin air going up into it, then it whent back into the trees and was moving even more rapidly then before. By now it was about 5 am and buddy1 had to go to work within houres so he went back to his cabin. But as buddy 2 and i watched the light seemed to have dragged somthing to the tide line and continued to dart through the trees within another houre the tide hade came all the way up and then the light hoverd over the object , witch seemd dark and round and just a little bit bigger then the light. The light then started moving almost floating from the island on top of the object it had dragged from the forest, first it had to come toward us, and wile it was heading in are direction the faint nosies it made got lowder and it was woshing through my head i dont know if i was just focusing on the nosie and only the nosie but it was like it was the only thing i could hear, not waves crashing on the beach , or the thought going through my head just this woshing sound sounding like it was going ! in circu les lowder and quite lowder then quite as it started turning for the hurisine, and within minuites it seemed we could no longer see the light, as the sun came out it vanished off into the open ocaen with what ever it recoverd from Diana Island.

We watched this for 6 houres, I was the only one who wasnt aftaid of what people might think if i told them but no one belived me, i told every one i thought would listen but the boys dint speek of it. We had plans to go over to Diana Island to see if there was any burnings on the trees or plants, or if there was growth abonormiltys to any of the plants, but the next week was stormy, gale force winds and i dont think any of us were ready to find anything that could convince the ones we respect and love. But still to this day we look up to the sky and anything moving we watch it to see what it might be , any time we here a nosie that is simular we listen, just maby we could see somthing again and not be astrange to it.

Buddy1 and I were talking the other day and he made a coment "You think after seing somthng like that it would change your life, your belifes, but 3 years latter im just like oh yah iv seen the unxplaind and i liked it". We still live are day to day life we know theres somthing out there and thats alrite because were never alone, who wants to be?.