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Occurred : 8/5/1996 00:30 (Entered as : 080596 00:30)
Reported: 6/26/2008 8:57:47 PM 20:57
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: Tel Aviv (Israel),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2 hours
500 witnesses + TV cameras + army presence in 1996 in Israel - never investigated -real story

Hi there!

I am a 31 year old (male) from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I am reporting here about a story that I was a witness to.

I have no intention to submit a hoax or a prank and I am willing to testify under a polygraph test these events I am going to describe really happened.

I have not reported this story in my country because it was so public and obvious I felt there is no need for another testimonial.

I hope this story will meet a more serious approach on this website.

p/s one of my duties during my 3 year service in the Israeli army was in the intelligence core and my job was to detect and recognize enemy planes. I knew dozens of aircraft models by heart.

Sighting`s description: On summer 1996 (I think it was august 5th but I might be wrong) half past midnight, I was heading home from a friend’s house in my car, driving northwards on one of Tel Aviv’s main exists .

As I was nearing a large main 4 lane intersection I noticed something funny ‘ there were about 50 cars facing my direction and some were scattered all over the junction on the opposite to traffic direction. As I got near I saw a lot of people that just stopped their cars and got out, all of them, looking at the sky. I stopped the car with the engine on and did the same .

What I saw (with dozens of spectators around me) can be described as a very bright "sphere." It was about the size of a big van, hovering in front of a medium sized apartment building (about 17 stories high).

The object changed colors in an enormous speed, from blue to red from dark purple to Even what seemed like platinum and then back to the color of gold. It looked like it changed hundreds of colors at once.

The object was totally silent, it was very close to the building yet it didn’t project or glow on it.

The object was near the dark windows of the building yet it did not shine through them into the rooms.

We stood there "paralyzed" about two minutes and no one said a thing .

Suddenly the object flew upwards in a direct angle towards the sky flying high above the building in less than a seconded (about 100 meter high) .

Then the object turned brighter and flew east and disappeared beyond the buildings.

At this point a few of the people shouted in fright and the others said loudly, "Let`s chase it !" Everybody got to their cars and started following the object.

I rushed into my car and drove very fast to my friends house which was about 7 kilometers far from where I was.

I got to my friends house and told both of them to please come with me to see something amazing. We rushed back to the junction , but it was quite empty already , we encountered A few people that stood there and they said, "You are looking for the ufo? It went south east."

We drove south east about 3 kilometers, and got to a bridge the is over looking Tel-Aviv `s main highway. When we got to the bridge we noticed tons of people and TV cameras plus a few border control army jeeps with fire arms ready .

North to the bridge, "hanging" about 50 meters above the highway`s traffic , there was the object shining bright like a small sun (it didn’t change colors ) .

I remember clearly standing near the army jeep with my friends and some soldiers were pointing their weapons towards the object and then a shout heard from the CO, "Do not load, Do not shoot," and he remarked, "What do want to start a war of the world right here?" Then the object flew east in a blink of an eye. I have never seen anything move so fast.

The object then made an impossible angle and flew upwards in a straight line until he was Looking like a very distant and small star. Then he just stood there not moving at all.

We all kept looking at this "star," something like 2 hours more trying not to lose sight. After two hours or so. This "star" became a red dot moved again in a straight line across the sky And vanished.

The next day there were only relatively small and brief headlines, and the army issued a statement saying this object was nothing but a kite that some kids attached a stick-light to.