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Occurred : 8/4/1996 19:30 (Entered as : 08/4/96 19:30)
Reported: 6/21/2008 10:20:45 PM 22:20
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: Pottstown, PA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:20 minutes?
Pennsylvania black ops?

Was about 7:30 pm and my brother and i were going into the local woods behind our apartment for whatever reason i dont remember. We played hide and seek in the early dark and such, but i vividly remember that night there being a dark colored helicopter in the field we usually play paintball. There was also two more things stuck partially in ground. Planes do not just get "stuck" in the ground. (i knew this because my father was a b-52 tail gunner and we spent a lot of time around planes and military bases)

We were just kids so we wanted a closer look at everything. We both told each other that we could never tell dad about this. We walked very slowly and sometimes crawled in the dark field and got about 20 meters from the helicopter which i now recognize as a russian hind. Very dark almost leather appearance to it. only one marking on the body read S^6 ( the chevron was the otherway around but in the same position, kind of like the military uses for friendly identification) There were about 8 men on the scene and it was weird because even though the helicopter was still "idling" we could hear them talk about logistics of getting "them" back to base. We almost ran away after a few minutes because we were afraid we would not be able to come up with an excuse for being out late, but then something strange happened. A glowing wand or something was used by one of the men to ignite or charge a small box type thing on the outside of the craft. It was then apparent they were connected and not just three diffent things. It began to rumble the ground like a deep bass sine wave would from a subwoofer or earthquake. It then became translucent and lost physical shape but the dirt still defined its outline somewhat. It was to the best of my childhood knowledge, the size of three small busses like the special kids rode to school in. Very angular and connected by bars of the same material as the craft in a diamond shape. It had a grayish appearance like an old winnebago, but then again it was dark so i d! ont know for sure. I remember crying with my brother because were more scared that we would be found as people walked away from the craft and toward the chopper. About three or four minutes had passed and we were locked onto each other while they people from the helicopter tried to raise the craft from the earth and get it airborne.(i assume) the rest is kind of hazy, but i do remember talking to some one after the craft had been hoisted or lifted off the ground. Some one said that nothing is more important than not tellng anyone ever-or something i don't really know. I don't remember ever going home or ever seeing my brother after that. of course i know where he is now but we don't talk. I'm not sure what the hell happened but i have a very good memory last i checked and whatever happened to us just isn't there. I did write everything down the next day in school and i hid it behind a piece of broken drywall in the basement of a library i used to go to.Ever sinnce then i cant remember ever going back there again. 12 years have gone by and for some strange reason i decided to visit the library and get a book for my studies opposed to getting the info from the web and it hit me. I had never returned to the basement. I did find the same piece of broken drywall however i did not find the paper i left as a kid. Someone knows and so it is not secret anymore. I wish to disclose what i know in hopes someone remembers seeing something in the field behind franklin knoll apartments in pottstown/stowe area. I have visited my neighbors and some remember just the rumble of "cars" or heavy machinery at about 8 o clock. I know what i saw and it wasn't normal. I can't believe that no one else saw anything as there were at least 20 apartments facing that field, and still are. I went to the field last week for shits and giggles but a grim reality set in as i approached the "site". there were electrical hazard signs for a local power tranformer all over the place. There is now a large grounding field for a power substation where it! all hap pened. But heres the catch. Theres no power. I am an aspiring electrical engineer. I saw no means of power transmission to this "field". It is just there. If it weren't for the damned barbed wire i would go further in and investigate but the fence is pretty seriously guarded by barbs and triple lock out devices common to the electrical trade. i have searched construction maps and electrical manuals far and wide but nothing was "built" in that area according to record. Then why is it there? I believe something weird happened not just in my memory. Go and look for yourself. Touch the fences and listen to the false hertzian waves generated by a loudspeaker within the electrical device inside the electrical looking breaker boxes and switching devices. It is all bullshit. The field had been plowed over and construction of the grounding field was made to cover up evidence im sure. feel free to breach the fence i assure you it is not charged like the signs say it is. I also assure you that all those boxes and wires have never had so much as a single volt passed through them, it's all fake. There is a nuclear power plant visible from limerick pa from the very spot. That power unbeknownst to locals is being sent to an electrical power grid for texas. Not to stowe. It is a half ass job if you ask me of covering my memory but i still remember it happening. Somebody is gonna fry when "they" read this.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. Hoax?? PD))