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Occurred : 3/10/2008 19:54 (Entered as : 03/10/08 19:54)
Reported: 5/20/2008 12:19:26 PM 12:19
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Pueblo, CO
Shape: Oval
Duration:45 seconds
By Pueblo Blvd. and Highway 50 red light 80 ft. high gives off steam trail as it descends to 50 ft., then disappears.

It was approximately March 10, 2008, but I don't remember the exact day, just that it was early March. At 7:54 pm there were three of us driving in a car northbound on Pueblo Blvd. heading out toward Highway 50. I remember the time exactly because before we saw the ufo I looked at the clock in the car because we were supposed to call a friend some time after 8:15 and pick him up. We were heading out to another friend's house for a quick visit. The house we were heading to at the time was an apartment complex with a locking gate that requires a keycode for entry, at least at that time of night, though I'm not sure because I've only been there once. I think to get there you take one of the last right turns as you head from the city park on Pueblo Blvd. over a bridge that goes over the Arkansas River, which we've also seen different looking ufos over. As we pulled in to the apartment complex, we could see Highway 50 across a small field, maybe a few hundred feet away to a car dealership with al of it's parking lot lights on.

But, after we had crossed the river heading out to these apartments, we saw a few small radio antennas of some sort with a single red blinking light on the top of each, and further in the distance larger, much taller antennas with red blinking lights. They're landmarks out there, and when you see one of these at night, the same one you've driven past over and over at night, you know what's a radio tower and what's not. Between the smaller towers closer to us, and the taller towers much further ahead of us, was an oval shaped light (like a cirlce, but with a flat top and bottom). Judging by the mile markers, it was a little more than a quarter mile away when we first saw it, but it was off to our right, about 7-8 stories above the ground. It emitted a red light similar to the lights on the radio towers, but this light was bigger, the whole "craft", and was a brighter, slightly pink-tinted red light. We could not see a definite outline of a craft, just a light. The light! coming from it seemed somewhat constant, but the way the glare shifted and points of intensity in the light shifted rapidly with much energy, it seemed like a plasma of some sort. And I don't mean like some hippy lighting effect show, I mean like looking at a plasma light bulb in which the light seems constant in it's intensity, but slightly grainy, and without the glass to hold the plasma and dull it's intensity. The light seemed to have been travelling the same direction and speed that we were. Just before we came to our turn off, the light began to descend to between 5-6 stories, leaving a semi-vertical steam or smoke trail. When it finished descending to between 5-6 stories off the ground, the emission of the steam trail ceased and the light dissappeared. The craft descended and disappeared within just a few hundred feet of the apartment we were headed to, as we were driving just beneath this steam trail as it floated south along with the wind and descended to the ground with the wind so that the bottom of th steam trail was about 2-3 stories off the ground, and not even 60 ft. from our vehicle as we were driving out to the apartment. We heard no sound from the craft, but we were driving so if there were a faint noise we wouldn't have heard it. It was not an airplane or helicopter, military or civilian, as we have both that fly over Pueblo and especially in that area. We would've heard the rotors had it been helicopter, as it was travelling about 60mph northbound, following Pueblo Blvd. but off the the right as you approach Highway 50. It was not an airplane, as we would've heard the engines and no airplane I know of in use can travel 60 mph and even slow down as it descends to 5-6 stories without crashing. Besides that, this was one solid pink light that gave off a steam trail lower than 100ft. The steam trail, and I say that because it was light and not dark like smoke, was almost vertical, but you could tell that the craft descended rapidly, almost vertically, but while still travelling north. I don't ! know if it dropped off it's horizontal speed while it descended because we weren't close enough to it to tell, we only drove up right under it's steam trail. I almost wish we'd had some sort of air sensor on a long pole, because we could've sampled the steam trail we were so close to it. If I had to put an approximate size on this ufo, I'd say about 1 and 1/3 as tall as an SUV and as wide as 2 SUV's are long. It appeared to be round all around, with a flatter top and bottom, but we only saw it from one angle as it was travelling the same direction we were at about the same speed. As to the weather on this night, it was nice out, but getting pretty chilly because I wished I'd had my sweater with me. There were no clouds in the sky and it was probably about 40 degrees F.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD))