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Occurred : 4/17/2008 22:15 (Entered as : 04/17/08 22:15)
Reported: 5/20/2008 12:08:37 PM 12:08
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Charleston, WV
Shape: Oval
Duration:30 minutes
statinary object,strange plasma lights that moved slowly from left to right, not airplane, maybe satelite

looked as if it was airplane coming in for landing, but didn't move. got my astronomical binoculars out. looked as if it was oval with plasma lines going out from inside oval, and around the circumfrance in four directions. maybe a satelite? it seemed to move slowly from left to right with the horizon as i was looking at it form my home in backyard 1565 Dixie street, south southwest. i thought i saw a beacon from possible jet around it?