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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/30/1978 22:00 (Entered as : 1978 or 79 22:00)
Reported: 5/19/2008 8:24:50 AM 08:24
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Piscataway, NJ
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 minutes
Hello. I am a 37 year old female. I have seen UFO’s two times in my life.

The first time I saw a UFO I was around 1978 or 1979. I was around age 7 to 10 years old. I honestly don’t remember what year exactly because I have some memory loss. I was in Piscataway, N.J. at my grandmother’s house. We were all together. It was my Grandmother, her boyfriend, and my aunt who was just a couple of years older than me when this incident first occurred. My Grandmother lived on Stelton Road in Piscataway and there were lots of woody fields and a huge farm with lots of acres in her backyard.

As we sat at her dining room table, outside the dining room window, we saw a bright light up in the sky. The light got closer and closer. It looked like it was landing in the back of her house in the yard. We jumped up from the table and were all very afraid because the light became so bright that the whole house was illuminated. I remember us all running into the back bedrooms and the last thing I saw was a shadow of a cowboy hat (that’s what I remember it looking like) at the bedroom window.

The next day when I woke up, I had tiny holes in my t-shirt. I don’t remember us talking about the incident the next day.

My Grandmother and her boyfriend have since passed (in the 90’s) but my aunt and I have spoken about the incident. We don’t know what occurred that night. We just know we saw a very massive unidentified flying object that appeared to land in the backyard that night. My aunt also remembers the tiny holes that were on my t-shirt in the morning we all awoke. We laugh about it because we just can’t explain it but we know it happened.

The second time I saw a saucer-like object in the sky while I was driving down the highway by myself. It was like a shiny glare in the sky and it moved smoothly and super fast. Then it disappeared.

A third time, I was with my cousin. I was driving down Easton Avenue in Somerset, NJ and she was a passenger. We both looked up and saw the same saucer-like object way up in the sky. I said, “Look, it looks like it’s following us!” My cousin and I were hung-over from partying the night before but we knew we were not seeing things. I told here no one will believe us but I told her that I’ve seen this flying shiny thing before and I knew we were seeing a UFO. She thought the same thing.

My son was visited by some type of alien/entity back in 2001. He said the little boy-like “thing” was walking around his play pen. My son said his eyes looked red and he frightened my son. When my son got out of his bed and ran into my room to me. I quickly woke up and shouted, “Leave him alone!” I actually saw the little boy-like “thing” behind my son. As I sat up in the bed, the “thing” ran through my son and me and it just disappeared. It was so weird yet it happened. My son still talks about that incident from time to time. We know there our “others” with us.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD))