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Occurred : 3/30/2008 22:45 (Entered as : 3/30/2008 22:45)
Reported: 4/1/2008 4:00:27 PM 16:00
Posted: 4/17/2008
Location: Mattituck, NY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 min
Bright light over Mattituck, Long Island, NY

I noticed what first appeared to be a bright light on top of a pole at about 22:35 hours. Upon examination of other aircraft flying in the area I could see that this was much too high to be a light on top of any pole. What was floating was about three times as high as any other aircraft in the sky was and about three times as bright as anything else in the sky also.

I had my boyfriend look at the object. He agreed that it was unlike anything else in the sky (and he wants to be a pilot so trust me he knows what should be in the sky). It did not twinkle like stars nor did it move like a plane, and again because of its position in the sky and the area we live in we knew that there are absolutely no polls around that are that high in the sky.

Upon us moving closer in the direction of the light it actually began to descend if you will. While not moving forward or backwards it was dropping altitude. Once it was just above tree level (below all other aircraft in the sky) it began moving forward (we were heading east on the highway so forward for the craft was southwest). As it went over our truck (which had a sun roof so we were literally right under it!!!) we noticed what appeared to be a triangular shape with lights along the outer back points of the triangle (on the sides and bottom). These lights on the wings (if we can call them that because they were attached to the body and not like airplane wings) flashed on both sides at the same time. They were a band of lights that flashed simultaneously on both sides alternating red and the blue/green color from front to back.

Also on the underside, located where a cabin might be for someone to fly the craft or the landing gear might be was three circular lights, like spot lights, that were giving off the glow. There was absolutely no light coming from inside the craft. These lights would have been in the way of any landing gear, so we could not understand how this craft could be a plane and land. These lights were pointing down at the ground! Not in the direction the craft was going!! There was absolutely no directional light!! The lights were allowing the craft to see the ground perfectly but did not emit a beam glow down towards the ground but rather a glow around the object.

Once the object did start to move and travel over our vehicle, it moved at a steady pace, yet quick enough to remain uncatchable by our vehicle upon turning around.

I am a 24 year old property tax consultant and my boyfriend is a 22 year old aspiring pilot. In our free time we like to observe the stars and planets as well as go to the local airports to watch plane come and go all day. We are not two people who would call just anything in the sky a UFO. This was honestly a craft that almost appeared to be like a delta yet far superior to any delta ever seen by either one of us and that apparently had no landing gear due to the placement of the lights.