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Occurred : 3/25/2008 21:45 (Entered as : 03/25/08 21:45)
Reported: 3/27/2008 5:41:58 PM 17:41
Posted: 3/31/2008
Location: Solvang, CA
Shape: Changing
Two boomerangs, joined at center, split and become 2 craft

03/25/08 2145-hrs: While inside my house, I overheard a very loud and strange sounding engine “hum.” I went outside immediately, gazing skyward, to see what could be making the sound. I observed a craft heading south-easterly, which had just passed over my house when I came outside. The craft had (5) distinct lights and appeared to be like (2) boomerangs joined (facing one another by the points) in the middle. The “middle”, where the craft(s) were joined had one large red light. The “tips” of the boomerangs had white lights. Their was no contrail. At first, I did not believe this to be (2) separate crafts, as it appeared to be one large shaft and moved in a uniform and completely synchronized manner. It was obvious, in my sight, that this was one craft. The sound, size and shape of the craft intrigued me, so I called my husband outside. He arrived within several seconds and watched this craft with me. He said that it “might be military” although he said he had never seen anything like it. We both continued to watch the craft, which proceeded at what I would consider a “normal” speed for a low-flying aircraft. The craft was about the side of a grapefruit, with my hand held up in the air to reference it. The craft was low-flying enough for me to barely make-out the joined “boomerang” shapes—what I would estimate to be about 500-feet of elevation. As my husband and I watched this craft pull away, we then noticed that it split into (2) separate and distinct craft. The craft split apart from one another by approx. 10-fingers width. We could see the (2) crafts at slightly different elevations and they flew obviously apart from one another. The red “center” light was no longer visible. The craft then came back together, but “side-by side” with no “space” between them. They flew together in this manner, never returning to the “joined boomerang shape.” My husband, somewhat of a skeptic, even said that “was weird” and that he “had never seen anything like that before.” He st! ated tha t it may have been mid-air refueling of an aircraft coming from Vandenberg. I consider this as a possibility, but wonder, why would they need to conduct mid-air refueling so low over a populated area and so close to Vandenberg itself? -Vandenberg is only about 18-miles away “as the crow flies.” Environment: It was a clear and star-filled night and the houses in my development are spaced-out by at least 100 (or so) feet between one another and the condo association itself takes great care to curtail light “pollution.” -The motto in our area is “Turn-out the lights, see the stars.”