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Occurred : 3/21/2008 19:30 (Entered as : o3/21/08 19:30)
Reported: 3/24/2008 6:14:47 AM 06:14
Posted: 3/31/2008
Location: Isabella, CA
Shape: Changing

We were camping! A man ran up too us. Do you want too see a UFO! Yea sure where? Right there! OMG!! It was right there, up on the east side of the hill, right by our camp! The moon was coming up too! It went down behind the hill. It came back up. It went on. Minutes later, OMG here comes another one! Through the Binoc's, you could see the ships were see through! One after another kept coming in from the north east area too Lake Isabella! They were only 30 to 60 miles too us! possible 10! It hard too tell cuz the shore, looks close until you walk it! OMG It was like the movie Independents day! My husband kept telling me Get over here! The ships were a giant V. Side ways, two rows of RED lights! turned into blue and green and yellow! The first one had many red lights! So what I saw looking sideways,at this Giant ship, it reminded me of the long cigar! I seen on sighting etc! OMG they kept coming! The last Real big one, broke off into 2 other ships! My daughter at the time had the binoc! She said 2 I seen 4! This one ship broke off into diamond shaped ships. One headed west the other went behind the hill. OMG Only at 30 to 60 mile an hour! On our way home, behind the hill is a small town of people! Farmers! A women had told me that she heard about this, she said just this past week, some towns people seen UFO's! My husband is retired AF! You could see the stars through the ships! They didn't seem too care who saw the lights, it was so bright! my husband said they were in formation, like ready too attack! We have no pictures, no video.. didn't think of it! because we were so excited, and everyone was OMG! Look look... Absolutely no Wind, NO SOUND! You could make the outline of the Vshape! But you could see all the stars!! :) I can't sleep! Were home, I was sleeping, woke up! Thinking about my husband saying he had a dream about them taking his face off! Tonight I had a dream, he was right! weird! OH OH 3 mos ago, two were in my room! You know how I know! I was in a deep sleep! I woke while o! ne was putting something in my leg! It jumped a bit,when I opened my eyes. I fell right too sleep. Forgot about it until the thing in my leg started hurting real bad. I tryed too get it out, which cuz it only too go into my skin!! who hoo! wonderful! Sorry we have no pictures! I'm really worried about the town people that night! WTF!! sorry!