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Occurred : 3/13/2008 20:28 (Entered as : 03/13/08 20:28)
Reported: 3/14/2008 5:55:32 AM 05:55
Posted: 3/31/2008
Location: Carlsbad, CA
Shape: Chevron
Duration:15-20 Seconds
Four red lights pass directly over head and seem to be one solid chevron shaped object, making little to no sound.

My job is security. At approximately 8:28pm, I stepped outside to lock up a conference trailer on my company’s property. After I locked up the trailer and began to walk away, I glanced up towards the moon, almost directly overhead, and I was surprised to see what appeared to be four red lights crossing the sky at a slow but steady pace. I stopped and stared upwards at the lights. They seemed to be traveling from north to south in a straight line. I couldn’t see what the lights were attached to. I couldn’t see the shape of any kind of aircraft. I couldn’t tell how high or how low they were in the sky, however if it was one solid object and it was very high, then that would meen it was very big as well. The lights easily stretched out to cover the sky about ten moons wide. They were also very quiet. If they made any sound, it could have been the sound of a commercial airliner passing at a very high altitude overhead, a very faint and distant sound, although that sound could have easily been confused with the low hum of A/C units on top of a nearby office building as well. I'm not sure the object(s) made any sound at all. The lights did not blink, nor were they were not very bright. They were almost faint in the sky, easy to miss unless you glance up and happened to spot it. They did not have the normal navigation lights you expect to see on any commercial aircraft. There were no strobe lights, no green lights to show what side of the aircraft you might be viewing. They did seem to be traveling to my left, but keep in mind they were practically overhead too. I still should have seen a green light next to each red light if these were planes in formation. It is possible that these were military fighter jets with an different light configuration than what civilians are used to seeing, but these seemed to move slower than I would have expected to see and I actually am used to seeing fighter jets at night. I was in the Navy and lived near Mira Mar in San Diego. I’m used to hearing the jets clear! ly and s eeing a blue light with a white strobe. At least, that’s what I’m used to seeing over the city at night. As I continued to watch the lights, a few moments into observing all this, I realized I might be witnessing a UFO sighting and so I quickly tried to gather any more information I could before the lights flew out of sight. I was too far from my truck to grab my camera. None of the security cameras pointed straight up. I realized my eyes would be the only thing I could rely on to remember this by. My first thought was to look at each light closely. What each light seemed to be was a set of three lights. There were two bright red lights with a white light in the middle. That white light seemed to be dimmer than the red lights by comparison, but also seemed to be on the leading edge of each set. The next thing I tried to determine before it got too far was if what I was seeing was a formation of aircraft or one solid object. I jogged back a few steps until a bright enough star was in it’s path. I stopped when the upper two sets of lights seemed to be getting close to that star. Halfway between the two sets of lights, the star disappeared for a moment. It seemed to me at that point that what I was seeing was one solid chevron shaped object. The whole sighting took maybe 15 to 20 seconds before the lights went over the horizon and behind the building I was standing near. I ran to the far edge of the building to get a few more seconds of viewing, but the lights were too far gone by that point. I could not see any more. I asked around, but I was the only person who saw this. I reported this to the Carlsbad Police Department and to Channel 6 News in San Diego. I will include an image I drew of the sighting. I am 29 years old, Ex-Navy, a trained observer, and I’ve worked at that location, near Palomar Airport, for at least 4 years. I have never seen lights like this, not here or anywhere else for that matter. I'd also like to note that cloud cover moved in later that night and the direction of the wind seemed t! o go aga inst the direction these lights were traveling.