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Occurred : 3/6/2008 07:28 (Entered as : 03/06/08 07:28)
Reported: 3/6/2008 4:33:38 PM 16:33
Posted: 3/31/2008
Location: Eugene, OR
Shape: Disk
Duration:2 minutes
Black, round, flat, disc flying twisting spiral pattern over the Eugene, Oregon morning sky.

I went outside to smoke my morning cigarette this morning (Thursday 3/6/2008, @ 7:28 AM exactly) when I noticed something out-of-the-ordinary flying in the sky to the east of me. At first I thought it was a bird, but when no wings were moving I focused in on it with my eyes and figured that it had to be a loose 'weather' balloon, or any type of balloon for that matter, ascending into the sky with the help of the wind. Then I realized that there was no way it could be a balloon either. As it continued to travel toward me (to the west) and further North, I was staring at it as its path advanced very quickly throughout the sky. I could see it moving like no other 'balloon in the wind' would ever move. It was completely black and its shape was changing as it traveled through the air to the north before disappearing in the light layer of clouds that was layering the sky over the valley this morning. It was clearly a thin (relative to my perspective), perfectly round disk of some sort, and while it flew, it spiraled and twisted like a flat Frisbee, a CD, or a flat rock would spiral if you were to throw one into the air. It was twisting on it's axis while flying through the air (could not tell if it was spinning or not) very gently and softly but moving very fast though the sky. The sighting lasted for about 2 minutes...from the moment I spotted it directly East of where I was standing, until the time it disappeared due North from my position. I could see that it had a perfectly round shape when the angle was right, and I could also see its flatness when it shifted just enough on its side in the middle of its flight. Its flight pattern was just like that of a bent Frisbee when thrown upside know, it spiraled, sort of rotating on its lengthwise axis, as it flew, kind of twisting as its path advanced. If you've ever thrown a CD into the air, it was flying almost exactly like that, but proportionately, probably not as fast as a CD flung in the air. It had very slow, smooth, ! almost f loating dynamics that made it seems like it was hovering almost...but it seemed like it was moving at a constant rate throughout the sky. I could see its round profile and its flat profile as it spun/spiraled, depending on its position in flight relative to my point-of-view. Its color was black, but it may have been that it was being silhouetted or shadowed or the like. It was a flat, round disk, twisting and spiraling through the sky about as fast as it would take a small airplane to fly across that much airspace. If one side was the "top" of the disk, and one side "the bottom,” I must have seen the top and the bottom about 6 to 8 times each. That is about how many rotations it made on its axis. Its size was not determinable, and the altitude at which it was flying was also not determinable, so I cannot make any postulation as to any of those details.

I have never in my life believed in any sort of inexplicable flying objects of any sort. I always thought that people that believed they saw UFO either had overactive imaginations or were just ignorant in terms of existing aircraft, or a combination of many other factors. I do not wear glasses and I have perfect 20/20 eyesight in each eye. This was my first time ever seeing what in my mind, I guess, HAS to be a 'UFO', meaning there is no way I can explain what I saw based on my own first-hand experiences. I have never believed in "UFO's" simply because I have never witnessed, first-hand, anything that I would qualify as such...there always seems to be an explanation (and there probably is one in my case, with my sighting this morning too!...I just don't have one right now!). I always said that unless I see one myself (or a Sasquatch for that matter) I can't logically claim to believe in them. This is my first ever 'UFO' sighting. I even caught about 30 seconds of what I thought would be good footage using my cellular phone's video no avail. Immediately upon recording the sky, I could tell that there was nothing visible showing up on my phone's screen. Nothing showed up during the recording process and there is nothing at all on the footage I have saved on my phone...just the hazy morning black spot, no nothing!....the object must have been too far away to register on my phone (a 2 Mega-pixel camera-phone). That is all I have to report. Conveniently, I am making this report here because I happened to see your website on TV; a History channel special on "the grays" which ran last night, and that is how I knew that this is the place to come if I ever needed to make a report. Well, wouldn't you know it...the day after that is the day I have my first UFO sighting.