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Occurred : 3/2/2008 19:30 (Entered as : 03/02/2008 19:30)
Reported: 3/3/2008 7:59:03 AM 07:59
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Portland, OR
Shape: Formation
Duration:5+ minutes
Dual Clusters of unknown objects in the skies of Portland, Oregon.

While travelling home from grocery shopping with my girlfriend, I happened to look up into the partly-cloudy sky as something caught my eye. At first, I thought it was the moon, showing through the clouds, but as you know, when driving, the moon doesn't appear to 'move' noticeably unless you turn your car or the like.

It was then that I looked more closely and saw what appeared to be a tight cluster of objects. It was dark and while they did not appear to be glowing, they were ever so much lighter than the sky or clouds behind them. My girlfriend was driving so I asked her to stop the car. We pulled over and got out of the vehicle. She was the first one to see the second cluster.

This second grouping was not so 'tight-knit' as the first. I was easy to dismiss the whole event as escaped balloons at first....especially with the first group being so close together. But, with their altitude, it was plain to see these two clusters were much too far apart to be simultaneous balloon releases.

We noticed that we could make out individual 'units' in the second cluster which moved almost like fish in the water. There appeared to be 30 or more in this cluster alone. Not pushed about on the wind like floating balloons, and certainly not with the flapping motion of a bird, the movement of each unit was fluid with definite acceleration by some to keep the group together.

Birds such as geese, flying in a V formation, do not circle for a better position within their group, as we witnessed that night. I've never believed in aliens, flying saucers or the like, but I was hoping someone has more information on what these objects could more logically be.

I think I'd rather live with good confirmation that we are alone in the universe.