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Occurred : 7/16/1988 01:15 (Entered as : 07/16/88 1:15)
Reported: 2/21/2008 5:35:32 AM 05:35
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Malibu, CA
Shape: Other
Duration:>15 Min
UFO in Malibu Canyon
It was summertime, and we were typical teenagers in love. My girlfriend and I decided to go to Zuma Beach in California just north of Malibu late one evening. She had a recent model Pontiac ((type deleted)). She borrowed the car from her step mother for the evening. She had a curfew and we decided we should start heading back from the beach toward home in the West San Fernando Valley. We left Zuma at a quarter to 1:00AM. She drove and we took PCH (Highway 1) for approx. a few minutes to Malibu Canyon Rd. Turned onto Malibu Cyn towards the 101 freeway and the SFV. There was no one around that intersection prior to turning onto Malibu Canyon. I noticed that there were no other cars on the road behind us or in front of us at that moment, and I had a clear view as we began to crest the first part of Malibu Canyon Rd from the ocean for about a mile ahead as we began to twist and turn on the sinuous canyon road ahead. It was a clear evening. Excellent visibility.

We past by the Hughes Research Lab where they test satellites for aerospace. No noticeable activity that evening. Sometimes the huge box that camo colored would be open and they would have something they would be testing. Not this night though. We had a cassette tape playing in the stereo, it was the kind of tape player that would change sides automatically. The event began as we neared the tunnel. I looked out the passenger seat window to my right into the darkness of the canyon and I felt like I saw something out of the corner of my eye only to be staring into darkness. The Canyon is wide to my right and the cliff is a 500-700 foot drop off. My feeling was that there was something there though which made no sense to me at the time. I shrugged it off quickly and let her concentrate of driving the car. I didn't want to alert her to something that was only a feeling. We went through the tunnel, and emerged from the other side. That is when I began to notice a “brightness” from behind our car develop, as if there was someone behind us who was going to need to pass us soon since they were coming at a good rate of speed. I turned to look at my girlfriend and she was upset that someone would want to race pass her this late at night. It was a weeknight and nobody usually would be on this road on a weeknight anyway. Maybe someone racing someone in the canyon.. The light grew to the point where she squinted her eyes, and flipped the mirror. I remember the bright reflection across her eyes at this point from the rear view mirror was still a very bright reflection across her face and she had to then move her head to avoid being blinded from that point on. The light was from behind the our car, it did not “flood the compartment”, but what the light touched it appeared almost perfectly while, perhaps like a sodium light or probably a flash from a camera except a constant incredible blinding brightness. She began to accelerate. The mood changed quickly from being upset to being worried that some jerk was trying to ! run us o ff the road or chase us through the canyon. That is when I turned around to give this jerk the universal hand signal to back off. As I turned around to look at the person driving, I had to squint as if I was looking at the sun when I turned around. I thought I saw something that looked a large station wagon, except the lights went all the horizontally across the grill of the car following us. They were square and they were not quite like lights with light bulbs that cars have. They were more like flood lamps for a football stadium. They were slightly larger. I turned around quickly as to not be blinded by the light. I turned to look at my girlfriend and she was becoming panicked. I told her to go as fast as possible. She got the car up to 75-85MPH and back down on the turns.. I rememebr the tires were screaming on the turns.. Even the slightest straightaway she would bring it back up to around 80. I turned around again, and the light had not changed distance to our car. It had remained approx less than 10 feet off of her rear bumper. It was impossible to shake them. The second time I turned around, I did not see a station wagon. I saw a grill of lights. There was no glare from a chrome bumper like you would find on a station wagon. The light would burn like if you were sitting in front of a TV set too close for too long, like a very powerful tanning booth on full blast. My girlfriend was starting to under compensate her steering, and I told her take her foot off the gas. She refused and she was screaming at this point. I put hand on her leg and told her to use the whole road, both lanes. Anyone in front of us would see the light and have to pull over. The next thing that happened was very strange. The light was gone. It simply ended. I turned around, saw that it was gone. I looked really hard to see if it had turned off, or if there was a shadow under the street lights.. and there was nothing. It was completely gone. My girlfriend was shaking. I told her to pull the car over to the side of the road. S! he refus ed. She didn't speak a word for the rest of the trip. I tried my best to tell her everything was alright, and that it was gone, whatever it was. I flipped her rear view mirror visor back down. I kept an eye on her for the rest of the drive back into town. She was different, and I was very worried at this point about something and I didn't know what it was. Something was wrong. For the rest of the drive I just let her drive the car, and she drove straight back to her parents house in Tarzana, way at the top of Vanalden, south of the Ventura Blvd. The drive felt odd, yet very calm and relaxed. Like waking after a nightmare after you are done being frightened half to death.. She parked, and sat there for a minute before turning the engine off. I noticed two things at this point as she just sat there almost in shock. The tape player had stopped playing the tape. The tape was completely done on one side as I ejected it. It didn't flip or changed sides automatically.. I put the tape back in, and it changed to the other side automatically that it normally would have. I then ejected it and put it in my pocket. I looked at the clock. It took a full ten seconds to wrap my brain around what it said. It said 1:12AM. My mind went back to Zuma and it was 15 minutes to 1:00AM. We entered the Canyon at at least 12:55, and somehow we traveled all that way to her house in < 13-15 minutes, which is impossible.

I asked her about it the next day, and she vaguely remembered it. After summer she went home, out of state, where her real family was living. We had lost contact with each other. I wrote her but she never wrote me back.. I came up to visit her a couple of months later, and she wouldn't talk to me the whole time. I only would talk with her brother who was also a good friend of mine. We didn't have a nasty breakup. There was no reason for her acting this way, that I would have been aware of. I tried to think back to whatever it could have been... I asked her brother to ask her about the incident in the canyon, and if that was the reason, because that was the only thing bad that ever happened. She told him she didn't remember anything happening in Malibu Canyon. He said it was like she blocked out the entire summertime we spent together out of her mind. I was horribly heartbroken by this, and I returned home to LA. This incident happened in 88'. Years later when I grew into adulthood I had a few nice cars.. Eventually I got a sport car. I still try to attempt to beat that record time I did in the canyon. The fastest I can make it from PCH and Malibu Canyon to the the valley is 22 minutes. That is hauling and screaming the tires the whole way, not just part of the way. I even got a ticket for it once by the Malibu Sheriff in all my years of reliving that drive... My only speeding ticket in my life. ha..

She eventually grew up to be a burn patient specialist and married someone from her church. I have heard about stories of people who had lost time. Somehow I gained time or “froze” time going through the canyon in that car that night that I still can not explain why to the best of all my ability. For a while I thought I wanted to attribute what happened to the Hughes Research Lab that is located inside that canyon, the only facility. I don't know why, just my own intuition. I can't say I saw a UFO. I never saw it leave the ground. I never saw anything land from above. I felt like there was something just prior to entering the tunnel and it would have been floating approx 500+ feet above the canyon gully next to the road we were on.


2.Perhaps what followed us could have been the Sheriff or some kid in a V8 muscle car. I didn't hear it make any noise above the sound of the Pontiac's V6 motor. Whatever it was was not car in my opinion. I did not have KC headlights. They were larger and square and not incandescence lights. They were the most perfectly while lights I have ever seen in my whole life, and they wrapped around the entire front of whatever you want to call it.. I just call it the “grill” of the front of whatever it was. A rectangle entirely made up many large rectangular lights. Approx 16 of them. That part bothers me. I haven't found anything that has that kind of light configuration on any type of vehicle ever. It could have been a practical joke, maybe some teenagers were waiting for someone like us to be coming thought he canyon late on a weeknight. Whatever followed us that night, came up fast, and stayed perfectly on the bumper of the Pontiac and stayed perfectly behind us on ever turn, and matched our speed perfectly for at least 10-15 heartracing minutes.. As soon as we saw the lights of the city ahead then it was gone like someone turning off a switch. It didn't have tires that screamed. I am still very bothered by what happened. I have waited until now to post this hoping somehow after all these years I would have some way of explaining it, after all my research, and I do not. I will admit that I'm a huge fan of Sci-fi books. And I'm a big nerd into systems engineering and that is what I do for a living. I'm a big nerd today. There is some missing time I'm dealing with still. I'm no longer bothered by what happened. It happens so long ago now. I actually enjoy driving that same road at night sometimes, hoping whatever it was would return. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe not. I have seen some strange lights over the Hughes Labs.. I have told just a few close friends this story. My only witness, my girlfriend can not recall this happening. Her brother remembers my conversation with him about asking her, but that is all. I'm le! ft alone with this memory today.. I wanted to share it here in case someone else has had a similar incident in Malibu Canyon or frozen time. That's all I have. Thank you. You may edit this to however you wish for brevity but I wanted to put as much detail as I can still remember and feeling for the moment and also with my own conclusion. I'm a UCSC grad, and I own my own company and have a house in Venice Beach, California.