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Occurred : 10/15/1996 23:00 (Entered as : 1996 23:00)
Reported: 2/19/2008 4:53:31 AM 04:53
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Roanoke, VA
Here's my case I rerported to It's horribly written so I'll rewrite it here to tell more of the details.

It was not hunting season like Nuforc added, and I could find a more accurate date if I found court dates of a custody hearing, because it happened a week or two before that date around 1996. (link to my case at bottom) -----------------------

My story; I lived in a travel camper about 100 feet from my parents house on their property which adjoined my grandparents property at the bottom of a mountain, Virginia, in Roanoke. There was a field 8 acres in size between my parent's and grandparent's homes.

One night, it was getting late around 11 p.m., I started hearing some dogs bark (we had no dog, it must have been neighbors in a distance) and went to look out of the tiny window in the back side of the camper and across the field. I saw a light in the woods about 200 feet down from my grandparent's home (on my grandparent's property). It was going around a tree and stayed in the same place the whole time. The family sometimes let a hunter racoon/squirrel hunt? so I wondered if it could be him. After watching several minutes, the light went out. I went back and looked a few minutes later and it was back on, but soon went out again. I left, came back, and each time the light would be on and go off when I looked and kept doing this in sinc with me watching or not like it was playing a game. Then suddenly a red light shot up out of the woods and over the ridge (like a flare?) Then nothing. I left the window again.

This was a little disturbing, so after a few minutes I had to go look again. There was a HUGE triangular craft headed from the direction where the flare was toward the field. It was going VERY slowly and low. It was totally dark, no interior lights, and no normal exterior lights except one long red light that went completely from front to back of the craft. It's flying altitude stayed below that of the mountain peak. It took a long time to go from over the field, to the peak and when it reached the peak, it went beside it and behind it. Then it seemed (later realized a much smaller craft) to circle behind the peak and come back around the other side of it and it started coming back down the mountain in the direction of my house. This scared me so I grabbed a handgun I kept for protection, and went outside to watch it.

There were no exterior lights on this craft coming toward me, and there was a light inside lit up like a cockpit. It was barely skimming the tree tops as it made it's way down the mountainside. When it got about 200 ft. from my home, it stopped and turned it's interior light off. I could see this one was about the size of a helicopter. It then traveled over to my backyard and hovered just a few feet directly over a light pole. It shone a big spotlight down in the yard, which I was standing just on the outside of.

I panicked and ran as fast as I could to my parents house next door. When I looked back, I saw no signs of it still being there. I went inside and woke my parents up, telling them what had just happened.

Suspicious facts; There is no way a human could see me in this tiny window from such a far distance, without having binoculars, telescope and intentionally keeping a lookout for people watching. These crafts made NO noise. I did not have any missing time (in case anyone wondered about possible abduction, no it didn't happen). But, I am left feeling very angry and violated that whoever, whatever, this was did trespass on private property, on the ground in the woods, as well as flying under the allowed altitude according to government regulations. Military, alien? I don't know. I do know this technology is either secret military, or alien in nature. I have searched since then to compare and identify it, and I have not been able to identify it still. The closest thing I've seen is from a UFO story on t.v. of some people in Australia who had an encounter with a huge triangular craft with a long red light.

I called the Roanoke airport the following week and asked them if anything strange showed up on their radar the previous week. They just laughed at me and then told me no.

Here's my Nuforc report; 10/15/96 23:00 Roanoke VA Triangle 1 hour I saw a triangular craft with only red light from front to back on it. Craft stopped over my back yard and shone light down. 2/18/01 ------------------ Note to Nuforc; There is nothing in those woods. Just plain trees! It doesn't matter if you contact me or not, even though I checked at bottom of form. It's just that if anyone wants to go onto the land and check for radiation, or whatever, or if anyone wants to meet me and go to the area this happened at, I can arrange that. I do not want to say publicly it was at the bottom of Bent Mountain, because I do not want to be identified publicly and some locals might know it's me with that much information put in there. I don't care to investigate for my own purposes, but only if you think you might gain some helpful knowledge or if Nuforc could benefit in some way by doing so. I also hope you don't give our information out to the government, as that worries me the government might hurt or harrass people if they are doing secret operations and people are telling about it. Thank you for your time.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))