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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/7/2004 00:24 (Entered as : 080704 0:24)
Reported: 2/4/2008 11:36:09 AM 11:36
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Valentine, TX
Shape: Circle
Duration:10-15 minutes
7 to 9 orb-type objects each illuminating alternately hovering directly over Marfa, TX , Aerostat facility estimate 1,000 feet altitude.

In response to your email dated Tuesday, August 10, 2004 9:42 AM . . . regarding the sighting my brother and I had on August 7, 2004 at 00:24 there on the road just out side the gate of the Marfa Station that evening . . . I was just looking over your response (once again) to my photos taken on that August 7, 2004 night again and quite simply I disagree with your opinion/response as to your opinion of the source of these objects! Please once again, closely examine for example pictures 4 & 5.

By the way my brother was looking through his binoculars while I was taking pictures, and my brother counted 7-9 object that we saw that were continuously changing orientation that evening.

First notice there 5 lights in picture #5 (note you clearly state that the Aerostat aircraft has 3 strobes. Also notice throughout all the pictures that the objects vary dramatically in orientation from each other . . . not what your Aerostat aircraft is even capable of creating those formations of objects with the just 3 strobes onboard.

Next closely examine #7 picture and the objects in that picture below (zoomed in) …does that look like Aerostat strobes??? The lights formations (that constantly changed formation that evening) throughout the 15 minutes my brother watched them, were at a 12 o’clock position straight up over the top of your Marfa concrete circular landing area that was lit up with your landing area lights that evening. Your Aerostat aircraft is simply not capable of creating the formations of objects in these photos (attached) documenting what my brother and I witnessed.

Please respond with what you now think based on this eye witness account and please do not tell me (as you did before in your previous email) “The Aerostat is equipped with three (3) high intensity Aircraft Strobes to warn General Aviation Aircraft in the vicinity, so that is what you most likely saw that morning.” (Ken) The numbers (of objects) and logic simply “does not compute”.

Next you stated in your email that did not see any other objects or unusual lights around the Aerostat . . . . 1st were you outside looking straight up at midnight that night?

2nd there was a strong breeze that evening and even if the Aerostat was launched, you and I know that the Aerostat aircraft would have been down wind hundreds of yards not straight up over head in that strong breeze . . .right? And how do you explain #2 Photo below???##!??? This is one of the objects taken that night with my Olympus C-750 Camedia camera with 6.3 mm 10X lens where I zoomed in and enlarged it 400%.

Do you have any other suggestion as to what it was we saw, photographed and documented that August 7th 2004 night?