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Occurred : 6/23/1989 22:00 (Entered as : 06/23/89 22:00)
Reported: 1/30/2008 10:46:38 PM 22:46
Posted: 2/14/2008
Location: Palm City, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
Bright orb, hovering just above the tree tops for about 5 minutes. It was a light green color.

It seems like I can remember this experience like it was yesterday, although it occurred decades ago. I vividly remember the feeling it gave me when I saw it, yet somehow I can never really explain it. I still remember weeks later when Independence Day came around I saw all the fireworks and used that as a way in my mind to rationalize away what I saw, though, I always knew that it was nothing like a firework. I never did tell anyone, not one of my seven siblings, parents, or friends. I knew I would be made fun of, I was smarter than that. It wasn’t long ago that I told my wife about it, she is very supportive and takes things at face value with me. In spite not speaking a word of this to anyone else in the 19 or so years since the occurrence, it seems reasonable to report the incident in case it has some value to someone out there studying the subject.

I was fairly young, 11 years old to be exact. We lived in a comfortably large home in the spread out private community of Martin Downs. We had 3 or 4 acres on nice little lake in the back yard. All the homes were spread out, our area of the neighborhood was fairly open, and we had a great view of all the homes on the lake. Most of the homes on the other side of the lake were nestled in trees, very private. Mostly long needle pines with Palm trees speckled in with Palmetto underbrush, standard Florida Foliage. I remember it being a late summer evening, it was a Friday night and all my older siblings were at a church dance down in Palm Beach. My younger siblings were in their rooms, I remember turning the corner from the long hallway that lead from our rooms to the living room and shockingly seeing this very bright light hovering just above the treetops on the other side of the lake. Under normal conditions the view from our living room is breathtaking at night; the wall toward the outside is mostly glass going into our ‘Florida room’ which outside wall was entirely glass sliding doors down the breath of it. The house is built up a little bit so you have a great view when normally things are very flat in the area. So looking through the two rooms you can see the light from the houses on the other side. It must be between 200 and 300 yards to the other side of the lake, and this light was bright, frighteningly so. It was a light green color; I really couldn’t tell what shape it must have been so I would guess an orb would be a great description from what I could discern. It frightened me to the bone, but at the same time it was so mesmerizing, I could not take my eyes off it. So I stood there, half hiding behind the corner of the wall, as it hovered, moving ever so slightly to the west for about 5 min. The westward movement was so slight, during that time it probably only traveled about 40 yards or so. Then, as I watched it, it just disappeared. As I thought about what I saw I was astounded! , shocke d, my world of what I knew had changed. That image still sits in my mind today, hovering just over the treetops, as I go back and look at pictures of my back yard, I can see that it moved directly over a house. I wonder if anyone else saw it, I really do wonder.