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Occurred : 10/20/2007 20:20 (Entered as : 10/20/2007 20:20)
Reported: 1/25/2008 10:10:59 AM 10:10
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Crown Hill, WV
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5-7 minutes
One huge Black triange with white lights followed by a second smaller triangle with blue lights

I am 39 years old and currently functioning as an RF (Radio Frequency) Engineer for a regional PCS (CDMA) service provider. I have had 5 UFO sightings to date. Now that Ive covered a little background, let me get right to the latest.

Date: 10-20-2007 Location: N 38 : 12 : 11 Lat (NAD83) W -81 : 23: 54 Lon West Virginia (Crown Hill area) Time: 8:20pm I had to travel to Tazewell Virginia for business that day and my trip home was around 2 hours. After dark I checked the night sky on a regular basis, I usually do this since it increases the odds for seeing things, sounds simple, but a lot more people would be seeing these things if they could forget their problems for a moment and just look up. As I was traveling west on route 60 between two small towns, Hansford, and Crown Hill my attention was drawn to the brightest star in the sky, since it happened to be near my field of view when I glanced upward from the wheel to scan the sky for anything of interest. Having stared at the bright star for a second or two I dropped my gaze below the star and discerned that I could distinguish the mountain top from the sky since my eyes had adjusted to the night, and the fact that there is a strip mining operation located along the top of the same mountain providing some ambient lighting helping to clearly define the top of the mountain against the black star filled night. OK cue the Twilight Zone Theme, here's what happened at that point. For a completely unknown reason I glanced back at the highway, just to be safe, I had not seen another car for some time and after making sure I was still driving safely I looked back up, but I stopped short of actually looking at the bright star and instead became fixated on an area just below the star I had looked at previously.

I remember thinking "Why am I looking at en empty piece of sky?" Before I could even formulate another thought a large orb of white light appeared, Ok, let me explain how this appeared, it started as a small pinpoint of light and grew to a large orb of white light, fast, but slow enough that I mentally registered the observation. I believe I stared at this for about 5 seconds before I witnessed another orb appear to the right of first orb, it arrived in the same manner as the first but appeared to be slightly smaller. I will try to explain this next part as clearly as I can. After the first two orbs appeared they were followed by around a dozen more, with each orbs appearance taking 1/2 the time as the last, accelerating in speed until all 12 had fully appeared in a loose straight line in the sky, I remember thinking wow, that looked like a computer controlled sequence of lights. At this point I decelerated down to about 25 mph, I know this area is not heavily traveled so I wasn't concerned since I was alone on the highway. At this point I was convinced that I was looking at a small fleet of luminous orb UFOs, I remember getting nervous and a bit frightened when I noticed that it looked like the orbs on the far right were moving. I thought I was going to witness ariel feats of a dozen UFOs hovering over the mountain.

I quickly realized I was actually looking at a huge triangular configuration of around 16 large white orbs. At this point I swallowed hard and felt a lump in my throat, I did have the resolve enough to roll down the window and listen for sounds. You guessed it, no sound at all. At this point I went for the phone to get a picture, it politely refused to go into camera mode, seems the battery was too low, that's another weird story in itself. I then fixed my concentration back on this triangular formation of white orbs of light. It was heading straight for me, but it was also rotating on its axis without banking. It rotated until the point of the triangle was pointing north from its previous eastward orientation. At that point it began travelling north from its previous eastward course, all without banking, it remained plum while rotating to achieve a new azimuth heading. It was on course to pass over my view. Before I continue I want to stress that given the nature of the appearance of these orbs, as in how they appeared, one after another in a clearly timed and perfectly executed nature, I am left with only two conclusions given the data I witnessed myself, one is that this object for all purposes de-cloaked in a timed sequence before my eyes, or two, the object materialized from some other time/space/dimension. Needless to say both are quite humbling to see/contemplate.

Lets get to the size of this object, I call it an object because once I could see underneath this thing, it was blocking out the stars, and the large orbs of light were clearly following the leading edge of this triangular object that occupied the space in between the orbs. The orbs were anomalous, hell, everything about this was anomalous, I felt like I was in overload mentally because nothing was correlating to any prior experience. I could not resolve a single thing about this that made sense, it was ominous and very disturbing to me.

It was at approximately 700 - 800 feet in altitude and roughly 1/8 mile ahead of me and took up 3/4ths of the windshield in a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It appeared to have a convex semi circle rear on it judging from the orbs of light in the back. Let me explain the high strangeness of these lights around the perimeter of this object. I looked intently for any signs of these being mounted to the side of a solid object, I could not see anything that indicated that these orbs of light were attached to the black mass that they clearly were following in perfection with, as a matter of fact I felt a cold chill of fear and amazement when I realized that the dark mass that was clearly blocking out stars as it passed overhead, was blatantly, absolutely refusing to reflect any light from the obvious orbs that were mere inches from it! I noticed then that another white orb of light had appeared at dead center underneath the light absorbing black triangular mass. This new orb was blinking on and off, in a slow repeating cycle. I looked for a refection of light from the undercarriage of whatever this black triangular mass was, but to no avail, the Orb of light would appear and then disappear, I said it that way because it didn't power down and back up, it simply was there then gone then back again. I laughed out load at this point, I was just in awe at this, and let my analytical side take a break, I just tried to take it all in and experience it rather than trying to understand it, my logical mind sort of passed out from overload.

At this point I actually physically jumped at what happened next. one instant there was a black star filled open sky in front of this huge triangular object, the next instant there is another black triangular object travelling at the same speed, in the same direction, and within approximately 100ft of the first object. I was utterly just numb at this point and reverted back to my logical mind as the trauma of a second triangle appearing like a David Copperfield finally sent everything else I had into shock. The second black triangular craft did not share the luxury of a light absorbing hull as its big brother continued to disturb me with. Rather this new entity gave me a couple of things I could relate to, one it reflected light, and two the lights appeared to be fixed to the object and quite visibly had a housing around them. Let me point out that the new object had all blue lights, and more interestingly enough they appeared to resemble LED lights in appearance. This new triangle looked like the classic Belgium triangle with the difference being it had blue lights, three of them positioned at each point of the triangle respectively. The other noticeable difference in comparison to the Belgium triangles was the fact that I could clearly see an elaborately geometrically designed housing covering these blue lights.

I couldn't make out much detail from the blue light reflected from the undercarriage of the new triangle, but I was relieved a little in knowing it did reflect light, unlike the disturbingly huge triangle that defied physics in every detail of its existence, and somehow absorbed light, it was like a triangular black hole, very disturbing to witness. At this point I watched them both disappear over the mountain to my north from the view of the passenger side window. I drove a few more miles before I really snapped out of it. I told my wife and two children as well as two of their friends all about my encounter three times in even more excruciating detail than here. I couldn't sleep and in the end I worked a full day on two hours sleep, full days are usually 10 hours for me, but I was still energized from the night before. As a footnote, I work in a building that is directly in line with the Charleston airport, I watch C-131's fly over at a very low altitude, I am fully aware of the size of this aircraft at various altitudes and I estimate that it would take 16 of these flying at the same altitude in a tight V formation to roughly equal the size of the first triangle, they would also need to be fitted with large round lights mounted on extensions from the hull to simulate the orbs, so a mistaken aircraft this is not.