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Occurred : 1/22/2007 18:11 (Entered as : 22/1/2007 18:11)
Reported: 1/22/2008 9:26:29 AM 09:26
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Budel (Netherlands),
Shape: Light
Duration:45 minutes
Sighting of Light

When I was walking my dog, I saw how big the moon was that night. When I looked closer I recognized a Smoke trail, like you often see behind an airplane. I followed the Smoke trail with my eyes and saw a light at the beginning. It was hanging still, so it wasn't an airplane. 1 Min. later it started moving, so it wasn't a star. Because it left a smoke trail it couldn't have been a sattelite, I thought to myself. The smoke trail would never be visible to the naked eye if it was a sattelite. I watched for about 4 min. and I looked at my watch to see what time it was, and when I looked back it was gone. i just walked away and never looked back.