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Occurred : 9/22/2007 04:00 (Entered as : 09/22/2007 4:00)
Reported: 1/6/2008 3:09:28 PM 15:09
Posted: 1/21/2008
Location: Martin, GA
Shape: Other
Duration:2-2 1/2 hours
UFO sighting in Georgia, at a lake, 3 of us saw it, early in the morning, 1 big object and other star like objects moving in the sky

It was around 4:00 a.m. on Saturday morning September, 22 I think. I looked at my cell phone and I think that was the date I saw. There was a main, large UFO that was just above the tree line across the lake we were on. Three of us were on the dock of my friend's parents lake house. We were drinking alchohol but we were winding down and quietly chattering under the cover of my friend's dock. I noticed an object out of the corner of my eye reflecting across the lake almost like how the moon does. This was not the moon. It was seemingly hovering, almost bouncing very quickly, so quickly it was kind of blurry. But while it was bouncing the object was moving from left to right and up and down but staying around the same spot. It was a round bright blue ball of light. It did not make a sound. Later on it changed colors,we all agreed on that. It turned a lighter bright and not so blueish but more white, but at the top it looked kind of green.I could see the stars in the background and that was how we determined it was moving. There was no air traffic that we could see. No airplanes. The whole lake, as far as we could tell, was out. It was dark everywhere and there was not a light on anywhere. It was cold. We sat and watched it for a long time. After a while we began to see other objects in the sky moving around and then stopping. They looked like stars. As the main object started to slowly shift little by little higher up in the sky these small star looking things moved with it. It would move then stop then on of them would move then stop then the one below it would move then stop. We also saw these object moving sideways across the sky it got brighter to bright then it dimmed to out of sight completely. My friend says he saw something I must of missed. He says he saw something that looked like a star, I think, drop out of the ball of light and move across the sky. The other person who was with us was a friend of my friend and she saw everything we did. She pointed out the smaller objects mov! ing in p attern ever so slightly with the big ball of light. The UFO moved around but stayed above the treeline until after about an hour then started to shift upward with the smaller objects. It seemed like what ever this was, was trying to make anyone who might be watching them think they were stars, I guess, moving with the rotation of the earth. But I saw the stars in the background while this thing moved around side to side, up and down, and bouncing so fast it was blurry.

There are only so many things you typically see in the sky at night which is the moon, the stars, shooting stars, which we saw earlier, airplanes(military or not), and helicopters. This didn't make a sound, but it was clearly moving as far as we could tell. One of my friends are licensed to work on planes and they viamently agree with me about what we saw. Even more so. It was absolutely unidentifiable and in the sky. We watched it along with the 2 smaller star like objects go up into the sky slowly and then slow down to a stop. Completely still. We also started seeing airplanes blinking red and white in the sky. We started seeing the planes between 5 and 5:30 a.m. We went inside the house to sleep around 6:15. By this time we very cold,tired,hungry and got sick of watching it. In retrospect I guess we should of tried to keep watching but we were bored with it. All the factors I mentioned attributed to us going in. In all this time we didn't leave the dock to go wake anybody in the house up until we went in to sleep and we didn't attempt to photograph at all. We just watched. I stopped drinking when I first saw it, I can't remember if they did or not. I haven't seen a point in reporting until now. I feel kind of obligated to report it. My sighting has made me a believer. I didn't and don't think anyone would believe us because we were drinking. But it was a sobering sight. I can't speak for my friends. But we all do agree that we saw something very unusual and it wasn't an airplane or a helicopter or like anything any of us has ever seen.I have not told them I've made this report but I'm going to tell my friend next time I talk to him.