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Occurred : 7/1/1998 (Entered as : July, 1998)
Reported: 1/5/2008 7:53:28 PM 19:53
Posted: 1/21/2008
Location: Roseville, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 min.
Observed from Roseville, Ca. and Sierra Nevada mountains,

I have seen 2 ufo’s. the first, when my twins were about 8. They are now 21. I lived in an apartment complex in Roseville, Ca. We were swimming in a pool during July. It was very hot and the wind was blowing from the north. I was talking to a couple at the jacoozie when one of the twins said “What is that Dad?” I looked and at about 500 ft. was a perfectly round ball, painted black, with a hint of green. It was going north, against the wind, keeping the same altitude. I suspected it might be military, as it was going the direction of Beal Air Base, up by Marysvlle, Ca.

My second sighting was 2 years later. I had driven up to the Sierra’s for a picknick with a lady friend. I went up almost to Borial Ski Center, then north about 20 miles to a small lake I knew about. After lunch, while enjoying the senery, I was watching Comercial Jets going north on a Jet Way. I am a GA Pilot and know about this. I could easily see the planes.

After a short time, a silver (plane?) looking like a cigar holder came flying north, also on the J Way. It had NO wings, propellars, tail, or Jet streem. It was just like a cigar holder in silver.

I think, because of using the Jet way, it must have been Military. I don’t know about either though.