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Occurred : 4/12/2007 05:36 (Entered as : 04/12/07 05:36)
Reported: 12/27/2007 2:52:12 AM 02:52
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Birmingham (UK/England),
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:5 seconds
2 small rectangular objects in the night sky only 3 meters away from me

It was 5.35 AM on a December weekday morning. My partner and I were dogsitting. The dog came over to me whilst I was in bed and started nudging me with his nose. Thinking he might not be able to wait until 6.40 when I normally get up, begrudgingly I got up and went down stairs with him in the pitch black, my own dog following us.

I didn’t put any lights on in the kitchen and went to open the glass door, just as I did I saw 2 objects totally still, next to each other in mid air in my garden. They were head-height and probably only 3 metres away. I looked around in the kitchen to make sure no lights were reflecting, but it was totally dark. I wasn’t scared at this time but opened the door and stood in the doorway. I probably saw the objects for a total of about 4 or 5 seconds. It seemed like a long time because I was trying to remember everything about them and was checking with myself that I wasn’t dreaming. I remember thinking at the time that they looked like really big corks but were more angular than corks and rectangle (around about credit card size perhaps but a bit slimmer). They didn’t look like ‘lights’ although they were bright againsed the pitch black sky. They were kind of cream in colour and didn’t particularly look ‘other worldly’, more like new tiny remote control type gadgets or something. They didn’t make any sound.

I had my face just outside the door for a second then they both kind of sped off to the left at exactly the same time. At this point I think I suddenly got really scared and couldn’t even move my head or go out to follow them, which now I am annoyed about.

Incidentally the dogs didn’t rush up to the objects when I opened the door, they just went out to pee and then came back in. I stood there for some seconds and then came back in as I was freezing.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))