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Occurred : 7/15/1978 18:00 (Entered as : 07/15/1978 18:00)
Reported: 12/11/2007 1:55:52 PM 13:55
Posted: 2/14/2008
Location: Amenia, ND
Shape: Disk
Hovering disc over WDAY tower east of Amenia, ND.

I am unsure of the exact date as I was young, but I do clearly remember things from less than one year of age, so I am fairly confident when I say that this sighting occured in the late seventies, probably 1978 or 1979.

I was staying at my grandfather's farm, where I now reside, and playing outside in the late afternoon probably July or August when my step-aunt drove home for the evening from Fargo. She was excited about something she'd been watching on the drive out and had my grandfather, her mother, herself and I get into my grandfather's car and drive toward the object she'd been watching. The object had been hovering over the WDAY tower directly east of the town of Amenia, ND since she had spied it on her drive home or longer. We drove southwest toward it from the farm and then straight west toward it on the Amenia Township road. I recall that the object was the same vibrant orange color as the low summer sun, as if it were reflecting or glowing that color. As the four of us drove closer I noticed other vehicles driving toward the sight also. We must have been a mile or so from the WDAY tower when it suddenly began to move off in a zig-zag pattern and then shot off to the southeast at a higher altitude and incredible speed and immediately disappeared from sight.

I can't imagine now why we didn't speak to any of the other people that came to look at this UFO but I would love to find anyone else that saw this spectactle.

Years later,(1986??) my grandfather came over to my parent's house one morning as he often did when I still lived there and had another odd story to tell. He and his wife had decided to sleep in a different room upstairs that they hoped would be a little cooler. It is the only room upstairs that has west facing windows. During the night they were awoke to find all the lights on in the house, however when they tried the switches they found they were already off- the light was coming from an outside source. Grandpa got the shotgun, although he said later he didn't know what he would have shot. I can't remember how long he said that incident lasted but he had no explanation for it. It came and went.

Recently, in November of 2006 I was out late at night looking for my Siamese and checking her usual spots. One of her favorites is by the far north shelterbelt of the yard, behind some of the outbuildings. I circled around the quonset on this night as I often do when trying to find her, and as I started to return toward the house, I "felt" a large flying object glide over the quonset and cross the yard. The sound was similar to an airplane gliding, power off. I even ducked. I could sense it go over me, but there was nothing I could visibly see. I am familiar with hawks and owls in my yard and this was nothing like that. I fly airplanes and this is where I come up with the similarity to an airplane gliding, but there was definitely a feeling of this thing going over, as if the air pressure had changed between me and the object. I often watch airplanes flying over and I know how you can see them long before you hear them at night or even see their flashing strobes or wing tip lights. This was entirely different. It was at the altitude of the trees surrounding the yard and stealthy and invisible.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))