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Occurred : 9/10/2007 14:00 (Entered as : 09/10/07 14:00)
Reported: 12/10/2007 11:06:19 PM 23:06
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Bloomer, WI
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:60 seconds
Cylinder shape over WI September 10, 2007

It was early afternoon, and I was waiting for my vehicle to get worked on so I was sitting in the sun with my 19 year old son. We were facing west, and the sky was partly cloudy, with low humidity. The clouds were passing by with alot of space between them, and the sky was very blue. As we talked I saw a silver sparkle over my right shoulder. I looked and saw a tube/cylinder shaped object passing through the clouds. I told my son to look (we have seen 3 objects while together since 2003). He saw it and we started making comments to help us remember what we saw. There were no wings, no con-trails, no sound, and the tube shape was very visible. The object was heading southwest.