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Occurred : 7/12/2000 23:00 (Entered as : 7/12/00 23:00)
Reported: 11/8/2007 1:57:25 AM 01:57
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: Casa, AR
Shape: Cigar
Duration:2 hours

It was about 11pm, July 2nd, 2000 - July 12, 2000. IN CASA ARKANSAS NEAR THE BASE OF MT. PETTITJEAN.

I was visiting my father when all this took place. My father and I were sitting on his porch with my cousin when something caught our eyes. It is so dark out there that anything in the sky could be seen very easily. It was cigar shaped but it was so tiny. Like a star. The color was green. And the light strobed. As it moved, the strobe made it look like it was skipping across the sky. They all looked like this. At first we saw just the one. We walked out into the driveway to get a better look of the entire sky and saw two more. Each one of them flew erratically. They flew in all different directions and would come back and go again. My step mother and niece came out to see what the commotion was and they too witnessed it all. At one point, one of the lights split into three and each of those lights went off in separate directions, then would come flying back and join together again as one. You would think as fast as they traveled there would be a collision, but there wasn’t one. And the main shape never differed, not even when they broke apart and rejoined. We watched this for two hours that first night. Until eventually they just one by one flew off over Pettit Jean Mt. Toward the east. We saw these lights for 10 nights straight. And on the 10th night, straight out in front of my fathers house, there is a valley and we watched these lights fly over that valley when they disappeared. A few minutes later a BRIGHT diamond looking light came from nowhere and hovered above the trees. A few seconds later something long and glowing red was dropped out of this light and into the forest below then the whole thing vanished completely. When I told my uncle, who is Ret Air Force he told me about the reports in the area of cattle mutilation. That is all there is out there in the Casa area. COWS and more cows.