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Occurred : 10/22/2007 05:00 (Entered as : 10/22/07 05:00)
Reported: 10/27/2007 2:14:58 AM 02:14
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: McKinney, TX
Shape: Other
Duration:2 hours
Five 'star like' intellegece operated craft observed by 2 people in North Texas.

I live in suburbs of North Dallas , Texas. I am a State Gaurd for the State of California , an American Red Cross first responder , a 2 year member of the Air Force Auxillery , Cival Air Patrol and my father was a pilot for over 10 years. I am not an expert at aircraft , but am credible to tell you what I witnessed was something unexplainible and very real and not capable of being any current aircraft that any goverment possess.

A college friend and myself had gone out for a cigarette after watching a late movie on television. The sky on this night was extremely clear and there were no clouds visible. Constilations and stars on this night were excellent to observe.

At around 5 am in the morning , still dark , both of us caught with our peripheral vision a change in a consilation visible in the North West sky. Two stars had appeared in the sky , at least they had the appeance of being stars. More than this they were moving at slow pace , like that of a satelite . The pair moved as a unit , buts coordination was beyond that of even the most expierianced pilot. They changed direction slightly twice , remaining perfectly in sync with eachother. The light they gave off dimmed slowly over time until finally disapearing. My friends thoughts on the behavior of the lights explores the possibility that these crafts were moving upward and out of our atmosphere causing the dimming effect.

My first reaction was that these were military crafts , with advanced aero - navigational computers or something that would explain the way they manuvered. I continued to observe the sky and the area where we'd witnessed the strange distant lights. Theyre were a lot of meteors also in the sky that night , a naturaly occuring meteor shower resulted my Haley's Comet. I was not expecting what followed as with most UFO sightings that Ive seen on TV programs , or read about in books there is only one sighting.

Five minutes had past since the disapearance of the first two craft. We both suddenly observed a bright flash from just south of the prior mentioned constilation. The flash was as bright as a camera flash light. Immidieatly after the flash another single one of the "moving stars" craft was visible moving in a Northern direction for several seconds before fading like the first two. My friend and I now knew that we were observing something very real , and something that needed immiediate looking in to. I told my friend to remain outside and observe the sky for more activity. I went inside to check all local news stations , and national news , in fear that this was a test of the missle defense system or that another national attack had happend causing the presence of these possible advanced military craft. There was nothing relevant on either press outlet. I went back outside only to find my friend just about to call me , and in time to witness a third and forth craft.

The following sighting remains to me the most signifigant in that it dis-proves any of the theories I had that these craft were man-made or modern. This sighting also disturbes me on a deep level.

What we saw was a passanger jet , probably out of DFW International , heading north , with one of these star like craft following it from a higher altitude and several hundred yards behind. It shadowed the airplane for a good minute in a half , maintaing the same distance and matching the speed of the airline. It then accelerated and moved directly over the plane before abruptly vanishing. At the same time as this first craft disapeared a second light appeared from the origional area that the origional craft had been following the plane at. Several hundred yards behind the plane. This sudden appearance of this craft startled me enough , that I actually fell backwards on the ground. The craft was visible for no longer than several seconds buts direction was twoards us as I clearly remember seeing the light tracer caused by the fast moving craft.

These second pair of craft were much closer to the ground than the origional two viewed in the constilation. These two also moved quickly and appeared and vanished abruptly instead of a gradual fade. I felt a strong fear for the safety of the passangers on the plane , and was very uncomfortable with the way these unknown lights interacted as if there interest was with this jet.

Both my friend and I now knew that what we were seeing was unique , and something that we were not supposed to see. Ive seen meteors , shooting stars , satelites , and nearly every kind of signal light on a plane from both sky and ground and can possitivly identify these crafts as none of the mentioned.

The last sighting occured near 07:40 . We had remained outside for over thirty minutes patiently watching the sky and going over what we had seen , trying to make reason out of any of it. Morning had come and the only now visible stars in the sky were two off to the south west , and a very bright (maybe northern star) star to the west. As we turned around from watching the fading of the two stars to the east , and the area of sky where we saw the other crafts , a new pressence startled me. A new , non moving , very bright light was now visible to left of the remaining one star we had noted before. Its size and amount of light it produced was a complete mimic of the single star to its right. It remained for 6-10 minutes , long enough for both of us to begin questioning simply overlooking this light , and begining to accept that it was also a star. Without warning , it ever moving , and completly dismissing it as a fading star , it simply faded inwards , as if it was moving directly away from us at some great unthinkable speed. Within the amount of time taken by a eyelid blinking it had completly gone leaving the morning sky cloudless , single star remaining, and becoming lighter as the sun was now up.

This last star gives me the oversure impression that it was singled in on us and was observing us. It did not move or show any other sign of possible cause , other than its looming pressence above us , and the feeling that we were trapped and being watched by something that we could not explain and thought could be threat.

Whatever these objects were , they were true "unidentified flying objects" . As to whether being extraterrestrial in orgin , I can knowingly testify that there is no possibility that these were man-made or navigated by a conventional pilot . This is taking in to account the possibility of classified expierimentals. These things moved , appeared and vanished , and interacted as if altitude , time , and matter simply didnt matter , and that using these crafts could manipulate and contradict even our most basic laws of physics and far supercedes modern aero science potential.

I have accepted that there are no explinations to what I witnissed and that the account that both of us saw will be laughed at , misunderstood , and not believed. I however feel a sense of self , and look at it as being something very special that I was able to witness , and accept a very real unknown that we as Americans or any persons should press be investigated and monitored. My friend , of christian upbringing, found the expieriance to be the most religious , awakening , and realization as to the importance of having witnessed such things , a life changing expieriance as well as both of our single most important moments of our lifes. Being able to witness these crafts and observe , if only shortly , travelers of space , and things capable of seeming to bend reality.

I had no access to a video camera to record the lights for evidence. Also , after much discussion decided not to call the police at the time. Whether a public record or press involvment will be made by myself or friend remain to be decided.

((NUFORC Note: We cannot be certain that this is intended to be a serious report, but we post it, nevertheless. PD))