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Occurred : 10/22/2007 20:00 (Entered as : 10-22-07 20:00)
Reported: 10/23/2007 6:53:42 PM 18:53
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: Hurley (west of), SD
Shape: Other
Duration:30 min
multiple bright lights and objects that would alternate and fade in and out in a row

SE. SD UFO SIGHTINGS 10-22-07 On 10-22-07 I was traveling south from Sioux Falls on interstate 29 when around 8:30 pm on a clear night the stars were starting to show up I noticed a bright organgish round light to the west over the horizon thinking it was a plane heading for Sioux Falls, because I could see the two planets. When I looked over again it was gone just some faint stars in the sky were the light was. Then I looked over again to make sure it was not a star, when a moment later I saw in the dark sky a light go from nothing to bright then another light came on in a line with the first only a little ways away, only to have the first light dim out as a third light came online a little ways away from the second light, as it got brighter the second light went out. As with the fourth light however they were not moving. Kind of looked like big sparks between them. Then no lights for a few minutes.

Next I turned west onto old Hwy 44, now 280th St. after traveling west for a couple of minutes I was pondering at what I just saw thinking this is no plane, planet, or star. It happened again only this time it was more west southwest this time. When it happened again I called my wife who was bringing the kids home from their football game in Sioux Falls, I asked where she was and if she saw the strange lights to the west she said no, so I told her and the kids to look half way (2:00 o’clock position) up the windshield and look west, I said they come and go and to just watch the sky and hung up.

About four miles from Hwy 19 I saw them doing the same thing again but now one was farther north by itself. Moments later the phone rang and it was my wife and kids and they said they saw the lights to the west. I drove west for 26 miles and turned south on 449th Ave. for two miles and pulled over the time was 8:53 pm again the lights came on but not in a row one light up a little to the south and as that one faded out, one light up north a few miles from it. They would take turns going on and off at 9:00 pm a plane came from the southwest at a high altitude moving northeast. At 9:14 pm was the last time I saw the lights. At 9:23 pm I saw four navigation lights in an echelon formation spread a few miles apart come from the west at a high rate of speed when they arrived at the vicinity of the lights they stayed in formation and turned northeast to Sioux falls were our F-16 fighter base is located. After they turned northeast I saw two-twin engine jet fighters come from the southwest (Omaha?) they flew the area for a few minutes and left, also some came from the south (Sioux City?) All these planes were on the same altitude and intercept as the strange lights.

My wife had stopped in Hurley and talked to a man who was standing on 283rd St. watching the lights, he had also been watching them from the interstate. My wife got home about the time the fighters showed up. She could hear them and see them.