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Occurred : 10/21/2007 22:00 (Entered as : 10/21/07 22:00)
Reported: 10/22/2007 5:47:09 AM 05:47
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: Morganton, GA
Shape: Oval
Duration:1 hour
Hovering object with counterclockwise rotating and changing lights

At approximately 200 hrs on Saturday night I was outside and looking to the north of my location observed a craft that was hovering and had lights that changed colors rotating counterclockwise. This was no aircraft as I know them to be as it stayed in the same location for an hour occassionally going up then down but for the most part remaining in the same location. I called my wife out who also witnessed the object.

After some time I called my brother in law and he went outside and observed the craft as well.

Commercial traffic was moving around in the sky with normal strobes flashing and you could plainly tell the traffic was moving. At one point I did observe the tasil beacon of an aircraft which looked like it was flying towards the hovering craft and looked to fly around it , then the beacon was not seen again.

Distance above ground was not determined because of the mountain ranges in the area. The night was clear and visibility was unlimited. The moon was about three quarters providing a well lit night.

I did not observe any commercial traffic flying in the area of the craft. This except for the one beacon that flew towards the craft.I did not see the craft leave the area as it was late and I went back in. Later coming back out it was not there.

As for the witnesses, Myself, 35 years Law Enforcement, and ex Air Force Search and Rescue Pilot.

My wife, State employee; Brother in law, Minister