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Occurred : 6/17/2002 08:20 (Entered as : 06/17/02 8:20)
Reported: 10/8/2007 6:46:24 PM 18:46
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: Detroit, MI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 second
Saw UFO with eyes closed, woke me up with a start from dead dreamless sleep, i live alone!

Very easy to discribe, but you wont believe. I bought a house in detroit, and i lived there about one year and started having dreams about, well everything. Then one day i was sleeping in my bed on my side facing north and I was awoken by a three dimensional triangle. It was like GOD, and totally scared me. it started between my eyes, close to my face and moved to the left in a perfect golden(actually like a silvery) line. I will explain in cartesien coords. positive X-dir points into your face, positive Y-dir points to the right, and positive Z-dir points up. I will use the unit vector space of i+j+k. start to finish it took this path in straight lines.

(1,.5,0) (1,0,0) (.5,.5,sqrt 3/4)) (0,1,0) (0,.5,0) a pyrimid!!!!!

saw it with both eyes, and they were both closed. I could not open my eyes until the design was over. It was not a dream. all the lines stayed there and did not fade until the design was completed and then they all vanished at once. I have noticed stange phenominon on the abdomins of bugs. such as little spirts of light shooting directly out of one type of bug butt. all of one kind of that bug on a certain day do it exactly the same, but not at the exact same time. this is wierd because i came back thoughout the day and the light about the length of my fingure nail and as thin as a microscopic wire being lit was the same every time and from every angle, inside the house, and outside in the garden. when i look for them i can see the glittery light in my eyes any time i want now that i know what it is. I assume that it either has to do with getting someones attn. that this is the only way to comunicate from the future. such as the use of a creating a new life force with the message ebeded in the DNA, and the key is to be the first to find the new bug of the year and decode the message. I am the only one i know who also does not remember this bug from the previous year. OK, am i really that off topic? There have been more bugs that I have seen that have come in mass amounts that have not been there the year before. That bug that looks like the ladybug but was a beatle, NEW!!!. the one i saw was black, had a red v on the back and was about 2 cm long.

I currently am around the cylotron at MSU alot.

I saw one other design that was a flash of about 1/20 th of a second and looked like a non moving design: _ <X>, with a lines on the sides, top and bottom. Like: <|X|> with all the gaps touching - I have a book on the oldest GOD dating back to 3000 years before the pyrimids were built, THOTH. the design on the cover is, /\ / \ /----\ / \ / \ /___\/___\ , with a dot in the middle. it is black and the design is white.

If you add the three designs together you get a 23 line design, in a dream i drew the first 17 lines of the puzzle.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))