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Occurred : 8/17/2006 10:30 (Entered as : 8-17-2006 10:30)
Reported: 8/21/2007 10:56:42 AM 10:56
Posted: 10/8/2007
Location: Eastpointe, MI
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes
High altitude bright light changing color and intensity and a dim low saucer shape over SE Macomb County .

This was the second sighting of a similar craft from three days earlier. I had just bought a new telescope on the 14th and was star gazing at about 10 pm. There were two passerby's at about 10:20 who saw the high altitude craft.

I was outside setting up my new telescope since it was a very clear night and my new telescope's laser sight was sighted in and ready for use. I first sat down for a smoke then I saw the ufo. It appears to be similar to the last high altitude one I saw and it was the same approximate time, except that this one circled counterclockwise at least three times over the course of the viewing. The circlular flight path was probably at least 5 - 10 miles round, probably more like 20-30 miles. I saw the object when it was at the high altitude to the east through a telescope for a second, the shape looked almost like two D's piggybacking and was slight bit greenish tint to the light. I saw stars go by right next to the light on all sides so the craft appeared to be only as big as the light. I was surprised to see it appeared as though there were no other dimension to the craft other than the light itself. When I view planes with a telescope or binoculars at night, they have a gray area where the lights arent and you can see stars get blocked by other parts of the craft not lit. This was not that way at all. Airplane lights also light up part of the fuselage which was not evident on this craft.

I heard nothing in the way of aircraft noises, no jet engines, propeller noises or helicopter noises. F-16's from Selfridge always make a roar when flying around. Two people came walking by, a man and a woman, and they were pointing at what I was looking at. We met up in my side yard and watched together for a couple of minutes. It was dim then got kind of bright white, then dimmed when I turned my back to get my telescope (wanted to see it again while it was brighter) then the passerbys said that the object dimmed to red and then to off and disappeared to the East over Saint Clair Shores. The walkers both said there was no way that was a plane. The male walker said that he thought the craft looked to be almost in orbit, or much higher than commercial craft. The female walker was telling me that she saw the same kind of light show from craft recently and slugged her companion in the shoulder for telling her that her sighting, which he did not see, was a sattelite. On this night, the man admitted that this couldnt be a sattelite or an aircraft. All three of us were mildly excited about the UFO, and the couple walked on after about 20 seconds of the craft not being visible.

As the walkers left a couple of minutes later I saw the craft come back again from the north heading southbound then turned to the east then north again, this circlular flight path was the smallest of the night and the craft was the lowest it had been to this point. When it got to direct north of my position it disappeared behind trees.

Then about 20 seconds after that I saw a white shape, very dimly lit that looked saucer shaped and it looked about the size of a private jet, maybe a little bigger. This was to the Northwest which I had not seen anything in this area before. This time it was much closer but much dimmer and the craft's surface was all the same dim lit greenish but mostly white color. The object was at only a few thousand feet altitude, looked kind of like the letter D resting on its back and it shot east at incredible speed with non-linear accelleration. The acceleration kind of bounced (hard to describe) then disappeared behind some trees.

The wind was from the West at gusts to 20mph, but this object went fast against the wind and the movement looked unreal. At very first glance it appeared almost to be a white balloon in the dark, but the movement was so unorthodox and against the wind and the speed at the end of the acceleration was too high for anything manmade I am aware of. I am guessing that the craft was the same craft in both instances, one higher than the other, but I do not know for sure. For one thing it appeared to go from a double D to a single D (no pun intended)shape, but in the last closest sighting, the color was similar, just far less intense. This portion of the sighting was quite wierd and so beyond my experience that I still have a hard time admitting what I saw.

((NUFORC Note: Date of the event may be approximate. PD))