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Occurred : 7/28/2007 14:30 (Entered as : 07/28/07 14:30)
Reported: 7/31/2007 8:19:35 PM 20:19
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Hooper, CO
Shape: Disk
Duration:2-3 minutes
3 craft sighted by several witnesses in clear daylight conditions. Timepiece anomoly also occured

At the annual UFO Conference put on by the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, CO several people had the opportunity to witness UFOs. About 2:00 PM Stan Romanek (one of the featured speakers at the event) was near the parking area outside the presentation building and was excited as he told me about the UFO he had just witnessed and taken some pictures of. He was really excited that he got pictures of it. He pointed out a spot above a patch of clouds near where the object was about 4 fingers (at arms length) above the distant mountain horizon in the northwest sky.

He mentioned what he saw to a couple other people earlier and walked across the field to the RV he was staying in about 1:30 PM. He was going to put the image on his laptop computer and bring it back so we could all see what the picture looked like. He returned and set the laptop up on a table outside under the shade of a canopy of an RV set up to serve food. As he got the computer set up I continued to scan the skies, especially in the area he had seen the object. We were excited to see that he did get a picture of it. It was white in color and although it was a digital image at a distance you could make out the classic saucer shape with a bubble protrusion on top. A few of us were taking turns looking at the image because the brightness of reflection of the sky in the monitor made it difficult to see well unless you stood directly in front of it.

While about 5 or 6 people were marveling at the picture Stan had just taken (with a Nikon Coolpix 6 mega pixel digital camera) I saw what appeared to be the same object in the same location off in the distant N/W horizon. I would guess the distance to be at least 35 miles away based on the distance of the mountain range it appeared to be over. It was very white and was dramatically accentuated by the darker blue sky background. It was also about 4 fingers (arms length) above the distant mountaintop to the northwest about the width of my pinkie finger above the white cloud bank below.

I described the location as I pointed to the object for the others to identify also. They were as excited as I was to realize for themselves how fascinating it was to watch. You could easily see that the object was not a cloud, balloon or plane. It stood perfectly still and the distinct sharpness of the edges eliminated it being a cloud as you could compare it to other clouds in the area.

We all watched as the stationery object defied cloud movement and all other rational or logical cross references we could use. Someone noticed an identical object about a pinkie width directly above the one we were watching. The one above slowly moved downward toward the original object until it was directly over the other nearly touching it.

After watching the object for a minute or two to eliminate any plausible explanation for what I was witnessing I went to get my camera and took 3 pictures. The 5 mega pixel Kodak photos were not distinct as the ones Stan took and only showed a white spot with no definition. At that time I left to tell others in the nearby building attending the conference about what was happening outside. By the time I returned both objects had left in different directions according to those watching it.

I served in the military in the mid- late 1960s in Naval Air Intelligence and was trained in aircraft identification. I am confident this was a physical object and not any kind of natural phenomenon. I have attached the 2 photos I took even though they are very poor quality compared to what we were visibly seeing.

Another odd note is that 6 individuals’ cell phones or watches were 1 hour off that morning plus another was 2 hours and another was off by 3 hours. The cell phone services were provided by at least 3 different services. No one had any explanation for this oddity.

This is the first time I’ve reported a sighting.