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Occurred : 7/21/2007 21:00 (Entered as : July 21 21:00)
Reported: 7/22/2007 1:09:36 AM 01:09
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Madison (northwest of), WI
Shape: Disk
Duration:Under 2 seconds
Two separate observations of the same UFO object/behavior with blind verification. Close proximity.

July 21, 2007 Approx. 21:00 Central Time Northwest of Madison WI Traveling Southeast on RT 12 and while turning East onto RT 19.

Partly cloudy skies, dusk light, slight breeze.

My wife, son and I were driving home from a walk in the woods. It was dusk. I was driving, my wife was in the front passenger seat and our 3 ½ year old son was in the back child seat (not a very reliable witness, I'm afraid.) While heading southeast on rt 12 shortly after crossing the Wisconsin River we were driving up the hill leading out of the river valley. My attention was on the street in front of me when I “felt” something trigger in my peripheral vision vertically above my line of sight. My gaze moved strait up and I found myself seeing a saucer shaped object with a high dome centered on top. The object appeared to be relatively close and at a low altitude. Between the visible horizon and our location. If I were to guess a diameter based on the perceived distance of the object I would say it was similar to that of a medium size commercial airplane, but that's really a shot in the dark. The object radiated it's own light, which appeared similar to the Sun. A high energy orange-ish yellow, but did not appear to be flickering or com busting, appeared very stable.

As soon as my direct vision registered this object it promptly disappeared. Just sort of blinked out of existence.

I barely acknowledged it. Although it did seem extraordinary, it was so quick and I was the only observer so it seemed almost useless to talk about and I promptly stuffed it to the back of my head.

In addition to the above reasons for not dwelling on it is that I have been doing some fairly in depth research into the ufo disclosure culture recently and it could easily be interpreted that it was what I *wanted* to see.

It would have been left at that, except about 3 – 4 minutes later I was making a left hand turn onto WI HW 19 east and out of the left edge of my peripheral vision I saw the same color in the sky. But before I even had the time to turn my head and look at it my wife GASPED. “Did you see it too!!?” *Now* I was excited. Before explaining at all what “it” was or indicating my observation, she described the same object, color, including it blinking out of visual perception as soon as her attention was drawn to it. She actually got a better view of it than I did. It's possible this was a second object separate from the one I witnessed, but I doubt it. It seemed like it had been stationary relative to our change in location. When we got home she drew what she saw and her drawing matched up perfectly with the shape I saw.

The most curious part of all of this is that it's only been for the last few weeks that she and I (to a greater extent, me) have been researching available data on the web pertaining to ufos/technology, attempting to find only the most credible sources and hard data. It's amazing how much is out there, buried in disinformation, noise and junk claims, but the credible stuff is mind blowing and almost incomprehensibly important. Regardless of what we saw tonight, it does feel like we are on the verge of something trans-formative as a species. We better be, or else we'll just been a sedimentary layer of interesting archaeological artifacts soon enough.

I'm interested in speaking with other rational people about these topics. I will see if the site admin here is willing to connect other with me without publicly disclosing my information. Otherwise check out Craigslist or myspace for “madison wi exo-politics” in some form or fashion.