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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/5/2007 13:00 (Entered as : 05/05/07 13:00)
Reported: 7/21/2007 9:34:11 AM 09:34
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: South Kingstown, RI
Shape: Other
Duration:5 minutes
Unmarked helicopter

On this date, while walking on a nature trail in the Great Swamp Management Area, a state wildlife area, my girlfriend and I noticed the loud noise of a helicopter engine. We looked up to see a UH-1 on a low flight path. As we watched it the helicopter changed its flight course from due south directly toward us, southwest. It flew over the power lines and osprey nesting poles to right over us, about 300ft above us, and hovered. The noise was disturbing, to us, and to the wildlife there abouts. I was angry at first, then a bit intimidated, as, upon viewing the craft through my binoculars, getting a very close look, I noticed there were absolutely no markings on this very dark green UH-1, only 3 white strobe lights, one on the top, one on the bottom, and one on the tail rotor. No other lights or markings were on it. The cockpit windows were closed and blacked out so no one could see the pilots inside. The doors were all closed. Since we were alone on this trail with no one else in sight it was a bit intimidating to say the least. After a couple of minutes where we felt we were being observed, the "huey" flew away in a northwest direction.

I felt puzzled as well as angry about this incident, so I contacted my Sen. Jack Reed, D-RI. I sent him an email on that same day asking him to find out who was piloting this chopper and why there were no markings on it. On July 19th, 2007, I received a written letter from Sen. Reed informing me that he had contacted Maj.Gen. Bray of the RI National Guard and that the general's letter to him was enclosed. Also, that if I had any more questions regarding this incident to contact David Foehr at his RI office. I read the response letter from Gen. Bray to Sen. Reed. It was vague, saying that on that weekend three UH-60 (no UH-1s) helicopters were dispatched to Indiantown Gap Military Reservation in PA for training. He also stated that the Army Aviation Support Facility at Quonset Point in N.Kingstown, the home of the Air wing of the Guard, "did not recieve any inquiries concerning operations conducted during the period of May 4-6, 2007." What that meant I have no idea...again, vague. He went on to state that the RI National Guard conducts flight operations on a routine basis within RI and that the UH-1 and UH-60 helicopters that they use are "affixed with U.S. Army markings." Therefore, this rouge unmarked UH-1 was not from the RI Army National Guard. Then, the question is, where did it come from and why did it fly where and in the manner seen by me and my girlfriend? I called back to Sen. Reed's office in RI and spoke with one his male office people. I explained the reason for my call. He became nervous, and said, please hold on, I am transfering your call to Washinton, D.C. After several minutes an official sounding man answered the phone without giving his name and wanted to know what I wanted. I had already given my name and address to the RI office. I asked who he was and he would only say his name was "Kevin" and did not want to give me his last name. He said he worked for Sen. Reed. I explained the reason for my call again to him. He told, rather non-sensically, to call Maj.Gen. Bray directly and ask him about this UH-1. I said Sen Reed has already gotten a written response from the General, of which I have a copy, so why am I asked to call the General myself. Again, he was vague, but said it would be quicker if I called the General myself, assuming the General would even talk to me. He implied that maybe this time I would get a direct answer since Sen. Reed's new inquiry would take time. I laughed to myself, said, "ok" and hung up. I did not have Gen. Bray's phone number but the number for a contact person, LTC Habersham of the RI Air National Guard, would be the one to talk to. Apparently, Gen. Bray and Sen. Reed want to distance themselves from any prying questions. Why all this secrecy, I ask myself. I call LTC Habersham yesterday, July 19, 2007. A message on his machine said he was away on TDY training in PA and would not be back for a week. He left his cell phone to call him. I did, left a message as to who I was and why I was calling. A while later, when I did not have my phone near me, he did indeed call me back, saying that he would call me when he got back from TDY as he was very busy at this time. Fair enough. That's where this incident lies at this time. Whether there is any connection to the secrecy, as I perceive it, to the silent, gliding UFO I witnessed fly over the Jamestown Bridge and hover over the Nat'l Guard HQ at Quo! nset Poi nt last month (reported to NUFORC) I don't know. Thought you might be interested. By the way, I am a Vietnam Army combat vet who has flown on the "hueys" and have never seen one without military or some kind of markings/insignia.